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Who Is Jerome and Did He Thank Lizzo Later? Here's What We Know About the Mysterious Man


Jerome is a "poor little baby," with a "pretty face," an "ugly a–s," and a tendency to send "photos with smileys and hearts" at 2 a.m. — reveals the lyrics of the Lizzo anthem. 

The singer, songwriter, and all-round goddess wrote several songs taking revenge on fickle men with emotional baggage, but it was Jerome that ignited listeners' imagination the most. 

We set out to investigate: Who is this mysterious man? What's the meaning behind Lizzo's "Jerome"? 

Who is Jerome, and how pretty is his face? 

In the past, Lizzo — aka Melissa Viviane Jefferson — sang about the difficulties of getting the scent of a certain Minnesota Viking out of her hair, while she also alluded to the complications that come with opening up and getting to know somebody in "Cuz I Love You."