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Source: getty

Logan Paul May Have Finally Gotten Himself Canceled Over His Recent Abortion Comments


The #LoganPaulIsOverParty hashtag started popping up on Twitter everywhere recently in response to anti-abortion remarks that the popular YouTuber made during a press conference. He held the presser with KSI, another entertainer, to hype up the rematch of their big-bucks-earning boxing match.

The two men proved that hype matters more than anything when it comes to getting folks to watch the sweet science in action, and they didn't disappoint.

KSI went in early and hard.

While it looks like Logan has been keeping his head down as of late and training hard (the guy looks like he's in great shape) it appears that KSI has been really working on his trash talk more than anything. And the YouTuber went very heavy into Logan's personal life. Obviously, the "Maverick" wasn't a fan of Olajide Olatunji's approach.