People Are Losing It Over This Teeny Tiny Studio Apartment That Costs $250K

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Jul. 23 2020, Updated 5:28 p.m. ET

The housing market is out of control. If you want to live in a relatively central, metropolitan area, you have to have loads of disposable income, and you have to be willing to spend it on a teeny, tiny, less-than-ideal living space. Basically, these days, you pay for location.

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But once in a while a listing comes along that highlights just how ridiculous this is getting. And this London studio apartment is exactly that. This apartment, which is more like a glorified closet, is currently listed for £200,000, which is nearly $250,000. 

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Twitter user Richard Brooks was so appalled by the listing that he just had to share it on Twitter, where it racked up nearly 9,000 retweets and over 52,000 likes for its utter ridiculousness. 

Remember that pictures tend to make rooms look bigger than they actually are. And this apartment is just one room. One, teeny tiny room that has space for a twin bed (nothing larger), a sink/hot plate combination, and a shower. A door in the corner leads to what is probably the saddest toilet in all of London. 

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That is not an apartment. That is a closet. There's no oven, no living area, no space for seating other than a bed, and you can never buy a bed bigger than a twin. I can think of exactly zero people who have $250,000 to use to buy a home who would want to spend it on this place.

But it gets better! (And by better, I mean worse.) The first starred "feature" the listing provides is "Renovation Opportunity." It says that it "needs complete modernizing throughout." So not only would you be saddled with a walk-in closet for a home, but it's also not in great shape and you'd probably have to redo what little of it exists. No thank you!

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Sure, the neighborhood might be great and central, but is it really worth driving yourself nuts because you can't cook a meal or sit down on a chair in your own home?! I think not. 

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As soon as Richard's post started gaining steam, people in the comments started sharing listings for homes in other locations that were just as expensive (or even a little cheaper) and much, much bigger. 

If you're willing to sacrifice being in the middle of all the London action, you can actually find a lovely place to live where you can probably sleep in a queen bed, if not a king. 

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This log cabin is adorable. And not only does it have three whole bedrooms, it also has a washer and a dryer in it. That's luxury living right there. Plus you get to pretend you're living on the frontier and you built that log cabin with your bare hands.

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There are so many options for lovely three- or four-bedroom homes in other areas of the UK, like this brick beauty in Glasgow, this four-bedroom cutie in Northern Ireland, or even this apartment in Liverpool, which has three whole bedrooms and views of the beach. 

If that London apartment listing makes you want to weep, welcome to the club. We're all crying here. But the good news is that there are better places out there. Sure, they may be out there as opposed to in the city where all the action is happening. But if this pandemic has taught us anything, it's that sometimes the action stops suddenly, for extended periods of times. Might as well wait it out in a home bigger than a closet.

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