You Don't Have to Look Between Keys on Your Keyboard If You Don't Want To

Many people want the look between on your keyboard meme to die quickly, and if possible, painfully.


Apr. 24 2024, Published 10:31 a.m. ET

A white computer keyboard.
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If there's anything the internet is famous for, it's people getting very annoyed by things very quickly. While some meme formats are funny enough to last for a while before getting on people's nerves, we now know that others most definitely aren't.

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The latest example of a meme format that's breaking people's brains is the "look between _ and _ on your keyboard meme." If you're just coming across it for the first time, you might be confused about exactly what it is. Luckily, we've got everything you need to know about it below.

Twitter using the "look between" meme on Twitter.
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What is the 'look between _ and _ on your keyboard meme'?

The original format for the meme is actually pretty straightforward. Basically, the meme is just asking the user to look between two letters on their keyboard to find a third letter. As an example, a meme might as you to "look between Y and I on your keyboard to find out who this song is about." The letter between Y and I is U, so that means that the song is about you.

It's a simple little puzzle, and one that has become increasingly pervasive on the internet in 2024. Now, though, the trend is facing a wave of backlash from people who apparently don't want to look at their keyboard for any longer than is required to type in their angry tweets.

"Say ‘Look between 2 letters on your keyboard’ one more time," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Look between ST and FU," another person added.

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While the meme might seem relatively harmless, people are apparently fed up with it and ready for it to be over. If you search for the most popular versions of the meme on a platform like Twitter, you'll find that there are far more people dunking on and complaining about the meme than people actually using it. It may have been cute for a while, but it seems like everyone is more than ready to be done with the "look between" meme for good.

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Memes often run their course online, but they keyboard meme has inspired lots of rage.

It's not uncommon for a meme to fade out online after a period of popularity, but this particular format has inspired far more hostility than is typical for the genre. It may be because of the work you have to do to understand what the meme means, especially if you're on a phone and can't readily look at a keyboard.

Most memes are allowed to die a quiet death, but it seems like many on the internet would rather take the keyboard meme out back and shoot it. Given that level of hatred, it's pretty clear that the meme isn't going to be around for long, even though there do seem to be some people who genuinely enjoy it.

Whichever camp you might fall in, you should know that you don't have to check your keyboard if you don't want to. You can simply move on and keep scrolling.

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