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Source: TLC

20 Years Later and 'Trading Spaces' Laurie Smith Hasn't Aged a Day


Just in case you want to feel old, let us remind you that Trading Spaces has been on since 1999, AKA the late 20th century, AKA for the past 20 years. They did briefly take a 10-year pause before TLC rebooted the hit show last year in 2018. It was so widely popular, the series' revival even got an E! People's Choice Award.

And fans of Trading Spaces know the show owes its success in large part to the magnificent Laurie H. Smith, one of the first designers to ever make her big break on reality television. These days, we practically think of decorators as staples of television, but back when Trading Spaces was starting out, it was kind of the first show like it.

So who is Laurie Smith from Trading Spaces? And who's her husband?