Fans Are Convinced That Madonna Got a Face Lift After Posting a Video From Her Bathtub


Mar. 23 2020, Updated 5:47 p.m. ET

Regardless of what people have to say about Madonna, there's no denying that she is — hands down — one of the most brilliant performers of all time. Her makeup always looks gorgeous, she has the voice of an angel, and after several decades in the spotlight, her ability to perform never ceases to amaze us.

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But after the 61-year-old pop legend posted a seriously cryptic video of herself sitting in the bath, the singer's face looked practically unrecognizable. Fans are now wondering if Madonna got cosmetic surgery, or if something else is up.

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The cosmetic surgery rumors all started with Madonna's highly questionable bathtub video.

On Sunday, March 22, Madonna posted a wildly unusual video of herself to Twitter. In the video, the kween herself is sitting naked in a bathtub full of water and rose petals, with eerie music playing in the background. Meanwhile, she's discussing how COVID-19 doesn't discriminate based on age, how good you are at story-telling, or how rich you are. Somehow, she says, the pandemic is "unifying."

For a full 60 seconds, Madonna discusses how the new coronavirus is "a great equalizer." You know, the usual. Is it a weird video? Yes, 100 percent. However, did I watch it on a loop several times over? Absolutely, and I would watch it again if I wasn't quarantined with five other people at this moment in time.

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Compared to older videos, Madonna looks different.

Scrolling through Madonna's Instagram, It's evident the pop singer is doing something different with her face these days. Maybe she found a skincare routine that worked for her, she stopped tanning, or she did possibly get a face lift. Either way, though, she looks fab. Take a look at the video below, for comparison.

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