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Source: Instagram

Madonna Canceled the Last Show of Her Tour Because of "Indescribable" Pain


In a post on Instagram, Madonna revealed she canceled the last stop on her Madame X tour because of the chronic pain she's been in lately. The lengthy caption detailed the pain she's been in on other stops of her tour and admitted that while she tried to seek medical help, the consensus is that she needs to take some time to rest so she can heal.

But what's causing it, and why is Madonna in so much pain?

Why is Madonna in pain? She didn't disclose the nature of her injury.

In her caption, Madonna didn't specify the injury that has led her to have so much pain, but she's been struggling with it for a while. She previously canceled tour dates because of a similar pain. 

Her decision to cancel the last stop of her tour came just two hours before the show was supposed to start, leaving fans frustrated with few answers. 

But in the caption of her post, she revealed that the decision came at the last minute, and she immediately tried to remedy the problem.