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Want to Get Your Hands on the Iconic Looks Shown on 'Making the Cut'? Here's How



Have you ever wondered about what Project Runway would be like without all the drama? If yes, Making the Cut is the show you'll want to keep tabs on. Hosted by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, the brand new Amazon Prime series invites already established fashion designers to come up with the wildest, craziest, and most blasphemous outfits possible — and get them produced within set time frames. Each week, the winner gets to showcase their wares on the Making the Cut store.

The 'Making the Cut' Amazon store is already up and running.

Designed specifically with those in mind who find themselves left wishing they had the research skills to track down how exactly a super-elaborate and beautifully detailed runway look could be replicated at home, Making the Cut cuts out the middleman and allows you to purchase the clothes while watching the show. Like what you're seeing on the show? Head over to the Making the Cut Amazon store selling the winning looks. 

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Project Runway was a competition assessing technical skills and creativity, calling on contestants to rock that sewing machine and put together garments from the most outlandish materials. Remember the sheer chaos that unfolded in the episode titled "Fashion Farm," or the plastic wrapper-filled, children's toys-themed extravaganza in "An Unconventional Coney Island"? That's the kind of messiness Making the Cut aims to eliminate. 

Positioned as a raw, documentarian exploration of the inner workings of the fashion circuit, Making the Cut offers a grown-up and more mature version of the ever-popular fashion competition. Instead of dilly-dallying around with a bunch of obscure-looking hardware store staples, contestants have to demonstrate entrepreneurial skills and unparalleled salesmanship. Forget the marshmallow fluff. Here, a clearly-delineated USP trumps all. 

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An entry criterion for those wanting to participate in the competition is an already established brand. Contestant Jonny Cota counts A-listers like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and Janet Jackson among his loyal customers. Will Riddle started his own label after leaving his cushy job at Oscar De La Renta. Ji Won Choi designed looks for Kendall Jenner, Beyoncé, and the like. 

Each week, the 12 contestants will be called upon to participate in challenges like initiating new collaborations or reinventing streetwear. Choosing a winner isn't entirely up to the hosts. Much like it was the case with Project Runway, each episode features a few stars as guest judges. Naomi Campbell, former Vogue editor and industry legend Carine Roitfeld, and Nicole Richie are just some of the confirmed names. 

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Making the Cut is born out of the need to experiment with the overlaps between online television streaming and e-commerce. Therefore, Season 1 of the show won't be available immediately. Instead, viewers will be able to access new episodes every Friday on Amazon Prime. The Making the Cut Amazon store will be updated on the same day — so that viewers get the chance to buy the winning designer's clothes while watching the show. Oh, as to the price point? As per Reality Tidbit, looks start from $49.90. 

Catch new episodes of Making the Cut every Friday on Amazon Prime. 

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