Man Complains About a Person Parking in an Empty Parking Lot: "People Need the Spots"

In a viral video, a man complains about a person parking in an empty parking lot, and social media users are shocked by how he handled the situation.

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Jun. 14 2023, Published 4:49 p.m. ET

If only we lived in a world where people knew how to leave folks alone.

For some reason, it has become common practice for folks to question people who are not doing anything to hurt, harm, or bother them in any fashion — from a Black man bird-watching in New York City’s Central Park to a person wrapping their luggage.

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However, the Karens and Kens of the world continue to bother folks and often find themselves suffering harsh repercussions. Case in point: A man on TikTok complained about a person parking in an empty parking lot and got the ultimate insult. Here’s the rundown.

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A man on TikTok complained about a person parking in an empty parking lot and the creator shut him down.

Whew, chile! Some people truly do things to themselves. In an April 4, 2023, TikTok video, creator Dutch @dutchdeccc shared a video of him recalling an interaction he had with a stranger. Dutch was parked in an empty parking lot, and a man complained about it and ended up getting insulted in the process.

“The audacity,” Dutch captioned the post.

“The audacity of rich people or people in the city will never cease to amaze me,” Dutch said. “I’m parked in this public parking lot right now. It's the off-season. And even if it wasn’t, I have the correct stickers to park here.”

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As Dutch continued with his story, he said that a random man walked up to his car, knocked on the window, and proceeded to question him about why he was in the parking lot.

“I roll the window down a crack and say, 'I’m on the phone,'” Dutch replied.

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The man told Dutch that he was parked there for a very long time and Dutch said, “'Oh OK,' because unbothered is what I am.”

The man also said to Dutch that if he’s not utilizing the beach, he can’t park there. The man then said, “People need the spots.”

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Dutch shows a camera pan of the parking lot that has no other cars in sight. Dutch then got annoyed and proceeded to read the man for filth shortly and sweetly.

“I cut him off and I said, ‘Do you work for the government?'” Dutch recalled.

The man replied, “No,” and Dutch rolled up the window in front of his face.

“He was bamboozled. Now, I think he heard my voice, saw my mannerisms, and thought I was going to, you know,” Dutch said, implying that the man thought Dutch would back down easily.

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“I grew up gay in the New York City public school system, so this was sometimes this,” Dutch said, turning his hands to fists.

The random man started talking smack about Dutch’s generation being disrespectful and rude. Dutch simply rolled down his window and said, “Your mother.” The man left immediately after.

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TikTok users are happy that Dutch put the random man in his place.

Sometimes, you have to get a bit petty and disrespectful for folks to get the point. Although we’re not proponents of folks disrespecting their elders, the random man seemingly had it coming and social media users agree.

“That’s right Dutch! A good 'Your mother,” or a “FOH” will do it,” one person said.

“Your mother will always be a great response,” another person chimed in.

Some folks were stunned that the man claimed people need spots when there were no other souls but the two in the parking lot at the time. Hopefully, we can get to a point in society where leaving people alone who are not harming anyone can become the standard. This is getting ridiculous.

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