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Wanna Cry? Watch This Man Reunite With His Donkey After Being Quarantined for Two Months



It's not every day you get totally weepy over a man and a donkey reuniting, but I promise you, today is that day. In a recent viral video, a man walks up to the pasture where his donkey had been staying while he was in quarantine.

He starts calling for his four-legged friend, and soon, the donkey comes trotting up, eager to get to cuddling with his best pal. What ensues is an emotional reunification that puts the opening credits of Love Actually to shame.

Source: YouTube

The man speaks Spanish, asking his donkey, "Que pasa?" (What's up?) over and over again as it approaches. They haven't seen each other in a couple of months at this point.

Mashable reports that according to the Spanish radio station Cope, the man's name is Ismael Fernández and he lives in Malaga, Spain. Spain has been hit extremely hard by COVID-19, and Ismael was in lockdown for two months before being able to start moving around the region again.

The first place he went once lockdown orders were lifted? To his sister's place. She'd been caring for his donkey, Baldomera, for two months. But Baldomera never forgot Ismael. 

In the video, you hear Ismael's voice start to tremble. He gets choked up as Baldomera starts nuzzling his hand. It's adorable beyond belief.

Source: YouTube

But then, Baldomera can't take it anymore! The donkey starts bellowing! Screaming! Honking! Making those weird sounds that only donkeys make. He obviously missed Ismael so much. 

There's a lot of bad news on the internet every day, but this video, which now has nearly 400,000 views on YouTube alone, is a bright spot in all the darkness.

Baldomera is a donkey! He had no idea what was going on, why Ismael wasn't around anymore. So you have to imagine how stunned he was to hear his beloved owner calling for him after all that time. 

I dare you to try and watch this video only once. You won't be able to do it. I myself am on viewing number 36, and it's not even 10 a.m. yet.

You definitely do not have to understand Spanish to understand that these two love each other. Of course, Ismael and Baldomera aren't the only human / donkey pair to have made it big during the pandemic. 

Remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger and his donkey Lulu (and miniature horse Whiskey) made a PSA about staying home and social distancing? Maybe not as heartwarming as Ismael and Baldomera's story, but entertaining to watch nonetheless.

Who knew that donkeys would be the breakout animal of the pandemic? I did not have that on my End of the World Bingo card. But here we are. Donkeys have gotten a bad rap ever since Pinocchio, so honestly, it's their time to shine. 

If Lulu and Baldomera are any indication, donkeys make great pets and companions, and anyone who has one should feel mighty lucky. Now excuse me while I go cry to Ismael and Baldomera's reunion one more time.

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