Guy Calls Out Trader Joe's for Selling Salmon Fillet With Visible Fin

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Jan. 26 2024, Updated 4:49 p.m. ET

Trader Joe's customer shows salmon fillet he bought with fin still intact.
Source: TikTok/@oliverjbrenner

Imagine this: You've been hustling so hard all day, and the only thing preventing a full-blown meltdown is the promise of a delicious fish dinner. But just when you're preparing the culinary masterpiece, you realize the quality of your filet is so abysmal it makes bottom-of-the-barrel look like gourmet cuisine.

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Regrettably, this is the exact pickle TikTok creator Oliver Brenner (@oliverjbrenner) found himself in. In a recent video that took the internet by storm, he showed a piece of salmon that still had its fin intact. Talk about a fishy situation!

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Two slices of raw salmon.
Source: Getty Images
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A man called out Trader Joe's after finding his salmon fillet still had its fin.

In the viral video, posted on Nov. 14, 2023, Ollie started by addressing "whoever is in charge of cutting the salmon at Trader Joe's" and telling them they need to "get their s--- together" because he found a fin still attached to his salmon filet. Seriously, who wouldn't be totally grossed out by that?!

Ollie showcased the evidence (aka the piece of salmon) live on camera, showing off what appeared to be a small fin sticking out of the skin. Oh dear, the mere thought of it is enough to turn our stomachs!

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"I understand that it's a fish, OK, but there's a reason why I'm buying it from Trader Joe's, and I'm not out in the f------ sea going fishing for it," Ollie joked before the clip abruptly ended.

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Speaking with Business Insider, Ollie remained steadfast in his belief that the mysterious skin snippet protruding from the salmon was, without a doubt, a fin. He told the outlet, "I definitely believe it was a fin. This was my first time seeing an abnormal piece on my salmon from Trader Joe's, and I am a frequent buyer."

Ollie also casually mentioned that the thought of returning the fillet never crossed his mind; instead, he chose to play surgeon, removing the fin and the rest of the skin before turning it into a mouth-watering seafood delight.

"Seeing that it is a fish and that fins are part of their anatomy, I didn't see a reason to return it," he said.

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Comment on viral video of a guy's piece of Trader's Joe's salmon with fin still intact.
Source: TikTok/@zoomshroom

Ollie's discovery left many TikTok users utterly shocked.

At the time of writing, Ollie's video has accumulated over 10.7 million views and counting. The video has also received more than 8,800 comments from fellow TikTokers who, much like us, couldn't believe their eyes when they witnessed the fin-tastic revelation (yes, we had to sneak in that pun).

"I just gasped so hard," one person said in the comment section.

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A second TikTok user wrote, "A fin is CRAZY," while a third added, "Not a FIN, omfg I'd die."

"[Not gonna lie], a fin would terrify me," another TikToker commented.

Someone else chimed in, "That would've turned my damn stomach." Honestly, we feel that!

"No because I would be so scared to eat it," spilled a TikTok user who totally gets us.

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Comment on viral video of a guy's piece of Trader's Joe's salmon with fin still intact.
Source: TikTok/@rae.catherine

And then there's this TikTok user hilariously sharing, "Why'd I gasp like I've never seen a fish?!"

"Skin on fish is bad enough… but a fin? I would not be able to eat for days," quipped another TikTok user.

What do you think? Would you reel-y dive into that salmon dish if it were still flaunting its fin? We're swimming away from that idea, but we're hooked on hearing your thoughts!

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