"You're the Dad I Wish I Had" — Man Praised for Kicking Daughter's Controlling BF Out of House

In a viral post, a man asked if he was wrong for kicking his daughter's boyfriend out of his house after he hosted multiple boys' nights there.

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Aug. 17 2023, Published 3:46 p.m. ET

Although we all want our parents to approve of our significant other, sometimes it's not in the cards. Take it from this man in the popular "Am I the A------" (AITA) subreddit, who obviously can't stand his daughter's boyfriend.

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The original poster, who goes by the handle u/Any-Review3044, revealed that he kicked his daughter's boyfriend out of his house. Read on for more details, including what led the OP to give his daughter's BF the boot.

Plus, stick around to hear whose side the internet is on!

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A man kicked his daughter's boyfriend out of his house.

The OP began by saying that he let his 24-year-old daughter Kate live in his great-grandmother's home as it belongs to him. Kate recently allowed her 32-year-old boyfriend to move in, and things haven't been the greatest. She's been going to the OP's house once a week and spending hours there, even falling asleep on the couch.

As it turns out, Kate's boyfriend has been hosting boys' nights for him and his friends — and Kate isn't allowed in the house. What the heck?! Luckily, the OP quickly put his foot down and stopped this madness.

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One day, when Kate was visiting, the OP slipped out and went to his daughter's house. He reprimanded her boyfriend and his friends, reminding him that it's not his house. The OP even claimed he would get an eviction on the BF's credit report before telling him to move out — yes, go Dad!

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Although her boyfriend was moving out, Kate told the OP he overstepped. He wasn't having any of it, telling her "she's not to let anybody kick her out of her own place again." The OP also told her she wasn't allowed to move anyone else in the house without his permission; if she did, he "would sell the house and put it in my retirement."

In the end, Kate's boyfriend broke up with her and called the OP a "psychopath" for kicking him out.

"I'm just trying to not allow my daughter (or my property) to be taken advantage of," the OP continued, adding that his wife "agrees with me but thinks I could have handled the situation with more 'finesse.'"

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Redditors agreed with the OP, telling him that he's a good dad.

The post immediately racked up hundreds of comments, with fellow Redditors agreeing with the OP's decision to kick his daughter's now ex-boyfriend to the curb.

"You did your daughter a favor. He's 32, why's he hanging out with a 24 year old? Because he could abuse her like he did," one Redditor said. You're a good father. Once the waters are calmer, have a good talk with her about boundaries and self-respect, maybe that needs a strong reinforcement in her mind."

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Another person wrote, "Yup, he scattered when he found out that his girlfriend was backed by someone who wouldn't let her get abused. Abusers look for isolated people with low self-esteem."

"They don't pay rent, and it is your house," a third Redditor pointed out. "Yes, hypothetically, you could have handled it better, but get the controlling freeloader out of your house, for sure. ... Major red flags that she 'wasn't allowed' in the house during these events."

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Someone else commented, "Seriously, you maybe didn't have to pop in there like a cruise missile, but I get it. I would be furious, too. Also, [the fact that] this guy broke up [with Kate] might be a blessing. However, I hope your daughter will understand that someday."

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