This Woman Refused to Put Her Boyfriend's Car in Her Name — Is She Wrong?

In a viral post, a woman wonders if she's wrong for not wanting to take out a loan and purchase a car for her boyfriend. Read on for more details.

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Aug. 16 2023, Published 5:03 p.m. ET

Everyone in a relationship knows how important it is to do things that make your partner feel loved. From writing a love letter to cooking them a meal, there are plenty of ways to show how much you appreciate them. However, if you find ever yourself in the same position as this one woman in the "AITA" subreddit, run the other way!

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The original poster, who goes by the handle u/No-Button-48, revealed that she won't put her boyfriend's car in her name — and it's safe to say he's not too happy. But was she wrong?

Read on for more details. Plus, stick around to hear whose side the internet is on!

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A woman won't put her boyfriend's car in her name — is she wrong?

The OP started off by revealing that her boyfriend of three years sold his car two months ago and is currently saving for a new one — or so she thought. One day, he asked what she thought about him using his car money to start a car wash. He also planned on doing auto detailing, meaning all his money would go toward purchasing equipment.

Although she didn't think it was a good idea, the OP said she'd support her boyfriend. He was happy she was on his side because he wanted them to "do something together." The OP thought this meant helping him with the business, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

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Instead, his idea of "doing something together" consisted of the OP taking out a loan and putting her name on a car for her boyfriend. Um, what the hell?! When the OP asked who would make the car payments, her boyfriend said the bank would "take the money out of my account every month, and he will pay half."

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"I told him that I am absolutely NOT paying half for a car I am not driving. He said it would be 'our' car and that when I eventually get my license, I'll be able to drive it too," the OP wrote. "I said that this entire scenario makes no sense as I have no intention of driving anytime soon — and literally anything can happen."

The OP asked her boyfriend what would happen if they break up, to which he told her that he would "continue paying for his share of the share, so I won't bare that payment." OK, but it's your car! If he and the OP ever split up, he should take over the payments on his own.

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When the OP asked her boyfriend why he couldn't pay for the car himself, he told her he "plans to leave his job and do his car wash/detailing business full time, so he won't be able to cover the full payment until his business takes off."

In the end, the OP told him she couldn't take out a loan nor put a car in her name for him. He called her a "selfish AH" and claimed she's someone he "can't see a future with."

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As expected, fellow Redditors rallied in support of the OP:"The way you describe his... logic, of course he 'can't see a future' with someone he can't trick into giving him money," one person said.

A second Redditor claimed the OP "didn't just dodge a bullet, you dodged an air missile. He wasn't going to give you money for payments, because 'his car wash is still getting established, can't you cover for me?'"

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Another person agreed, writing, "He's using you and trying to manipulate you. You would be making 100% of the car payments [because] his business just can't swing the cost in the beginning. PLUS... any tickets or any fines he gets will be attached to the car. That means you would be responsible."

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The OP provided an update and revealed her boyfriend broke up with her.

In an update to the viral post, the OP revealed that her boyfriend broke up with her because "partners are supposed to share everything" and he can't trust her to "hold him down when he's down."

After being degraded, the OP called her now ex-boyfriend's mom (they're close) and told her they broke up — and the reason for the split. She was very upset and reassured the OP that she made the right decision.

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Sometime after her conversation with his mom, the OP received a few nasty text messages from her ex-boyfriend. He called her "childish," claiming that the OP wanted to "manipulate" his mother and make her believe he was "leeching" off the OP (he was, though).

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"You were supposed to be the person I could come to for [anything]," the ex-boyfriend told the OP. "I had my own car, something YOU NEVER HAD, and I sold it because it was getting too expensive ... YOU KNOW THAT, so I don't know why [you're] trying to f--- up what my family thinks about me and make me look like I [was] BEGGING you for [a] car."

He called the OP an AH and "the most selfish person I ever met," and we simply can't help but laugh because what is this dude's problem?! This has to be a joke.

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"Why couldn't you just be happy for me? Why couldn't you just believe in my dreams?" he had the audacity to ask the OP. "You really think I would leave you after you got a car for me? You have no common sense, and that's why people will USE you. [You're] too dumb for an educated woman, and that's why we broke up. Go tell [my mom] that."

Thankfully, the OP didn't respond — good riddance to that trash bag!

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