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Man Refused to Take His Girlfriend to the ER Because He Thought She Was Being 'Dramatic'



This "Am I the A-hole?" post on Reddit will make you want to shake your fist in the air, but you won't out of solidarity with the poor woman in this story with a broken arm. OP (aka a heartless boyfriend) writes that he and his girlfriend have been renovating their house for the past few weeks.

Then, a couple of nights ago, his girlfriend had insomnia and decided to do a little painting in the middle of the night. Well, she was on a ladder or something because she fell and hurt her arm really badly. Apparently, she rushed into their bedroom "in agony, convinced she had broken her arm."

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Even though she thought she broke her arm, he told her to ice it and leave it until the morning. So she did. When the morning came, she was still in intense pain, but he tells her, again, to "wait it out." 

He says that his elderly mom has been staying with them during the pandemic and he doesn't want to risk his girlfriend getting exposed to COVID-19 and bringing it back home. That is a valid concern, but she was in real pain and there are probably options for her to isolate herself just in case when she returned home.

It wasn't until she was "pretty much passing out" that he agreed to take her to the emergency room. "Due to the amount of time it had been," he writes, "the break got worse and she needed to have surgery to put a pin in it. She broke her elbow in half pretty much."

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Yikes. His girlfriend had to spend the night in the hospital, and when he returned home alone, his mom reamed him out, telling him he was "selfish and lazy" for not taking her in sooner. He writes that he was "doing it for her benefit" because she "has a tendency to be a little dramatic."

Does she?! Or do you just downplay her pain constantly? Ever since his girlfriend got home, she's also been furious with him, but he still thinks he did nothing wrong. 

Reddit commenters weren't going to let him get away with this one. "YTA my dude," someone wrote. "A lot of injuries that women have get downplayed because they are 'dramatic.' Your girl has EVERY right to be furious with you."

"A broken bone is a medical emergency," someone else writes. "If someone tells you they think a bone is broken, you go to an urgent care or ER. Period. You left a grown woman to suffer in agonizing pain with a broken bone for nearly 24 hours because you decided she was probably exaggerating, and your decision left her needing surgery she may not have needed if she had gotten immediate care."

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How hard is it to believe women when they say they're in pain? Even if it wasn't actually broken, she was clearly in enough pain that she needed medical attention.

 I understand that you don't want to make unnecessary trips to the doctor during the pandemic, but she was obviously aware of that risk and still thought she needed to go. That should have told him that her pain was severe. Even his mom, the one at risk, admonished him for ignoring her pain!

"Don't you dare ever call your girlfriend 'dramatic' again," one commenter wrote. "The problem here isn't that she's dramatic. The problem here is that you have no empathy."

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