Man Surprises Friends on Honeymoon, Gets Torched Online for Making It “About Himself”

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Nov. 22 2023, Published 8:31 a.m. ET

Man Surprises Friends on Honeymoon, Gets Slammed Online
Source: TikTok | @itslordlenz

TikToker Austin Lenz (@itslordlenz) found himself on the receiving end of a big bucket of internet hate after he uploaded a clip of himself "crashing" his friends' honeymoon.

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Unsurprisingly, there were throngs of folks who were ready to call him out for not letting the couple just be with themselves during their getaway together, but was what Austin did really all that bad?

"POV YOU SURPRISED YOUR BEST FRIENDS ON THEIR HONEYMOON," a text overlay in the video reads as the silhouette of a man can be seen approaching the married couple in question who are walking down the street, holding hands.

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Source: TikTok } @itslordlenz

"I heard there's some people on their honeymoon?" Lenz says aloud, grabbing the attention of the two folks who seemingly stop dead in their tracks upon hearing his voice.

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The woman says, "Oh my God!" and happily greets him, giving the dude a big hug. "What the heck are you doing here—" she says before the recently minted hubby asks, "Are you serious?"

The couple's incredulity didn't seem shade-filled or angry at all, but then again, there were a lot of people in the comments section of the video who thought it was terribly uncool of Austin to not let the couple to just enjoy their honeymoon together alone.

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The TikToker seems to acknowledge that his decision to join his friends on their honeymoon could be construed as an invasion of privacy: "you thought you could escape me?!" he writes in a caption for the video.

But folks were dishing out some pretty brutal responses to Austin's honeymoon-crashing antics: "Bro is literally the worst person of all time," one person joked.

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Another person thought that Austin was being an attention hog by visiting the couple during their special post-wedding vacation: "'How can I make their honeymoon about me'"

"Well the honeymoon ended in that moment," someone else claimed.

And then another commenter penned that they would be livid if one of their friends decided to drop in and say what's up while they were out and about on their honeymoon with the person they've been planning to spend the rest of their lives with, starting that "journey" together.

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Or, you know, giving themselves a bit of a breather before they realize they never wanted to be married in the first place but just wanted to have the full wedding experience, but that's neither here or there: "why are you on their honeymoon??? im would be SOO mad"

But according to a response that Austin penned in response to another user in the comments section of the video, he swears that the didn't make their honeymoon all about himself.

"It’s their honeymoon. Leave them alone?" the TikToker said, to which Austin responded: "I promise I did!"

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Because there were so many people piling the hate on top of Austin's head, he provided a little bit more context in a follow-up clip which explained what he was doing on his friends' honeymoon, which, as it turns out, was taking place in Hawaii.

Austin's parents live on the same island in Hawaii that his friends were visiting, he explains in the clip, and that they were even driving their car around during their vacation.

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Source: TikTok | @itslordlenz

"Hello it's me, the villain! But really I'm just here to add context. My parents live in Hawaii on the island that they were honeymooning on. I was supposed to be in New York, they didn't know I'd be in Hawaii, visiting my dad, it was a last minute trip, but they were literally driving my parents' car around on their honeymoon."

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"So I fired up find my friends, got some fresh leis, delivered it to them, surprised them as you saw, and then we hung out for maybe 30 to 45 minutes. The next time I saw them, I picked them up from their hotel to take them to the airport to save them a $200 shuttle ride."

From Austin's account of the events, it seems like they were a lot of people who spoke too soon and it turns out he's actually a pretty darn good friend, and not "the worst person of all time."

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"No I did not sleep between them in their bed. No I did not crash the honeymoon the whole time like everyone breathe. The worst person of all time? A little dramatic, don't we think? But, though I'd, thought I'd clear it up. Enjoy and have a great day."

Other folks who read the comments in the video appreciated Austin's decision to clarify the situation a bit more, with many of them stating that he's quite the opposite of a "villain," but just a pretty darn good friend.

"The clarification makes this so much better lmao," one user said.

Another wrote: "honestly just sounds like a really good friend"

While someone else said: "this is a prime example of how important context is"

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