“I Bet You’re Talking to Other Interns” — Man Asks Boss Insecure Girlfriend Questions at Work

An employee is talking to his boss as if he's an "insecure girlfriend" and TikTokers are eating it up.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Nov. 1 2023, Published 9:04 a.m. ET

Employee Tries Talking to Boss Lika an “Insecure Girlfriend” and It's a Fantastic Bit
Source: TikTok | @goldi_glob

Everything is a relationship. The dynamic that you have between your pets is a relationship. The way you interact with your job, errands, leisure time with friends, romantic partners, and even your superiors at work are different types of relationships.

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And while one relationship begets another, i.e., if you have a certain standard/way of handling yourself in one aspect of your life, that should presumably carry onto your other relationships, it's not difficult to understand that different relationships have different expectations of them.

I.e., the way you would talk with your significant other and the topics of conversation you have with them wouldn't exactly play in the workplace. Unless, you know, you have an HR kink with them or something. (Hey, do you.)

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But a TikToker named Goldi (@goldi_glob) wanted to see what would happen if he blurred the lines of his relationships, so to speak, by talking to his boss in the same manner in which an "insecure girlfriend" would speak to her lover. He decided to do this by asking the viral question that has frustrated so many people and induced many an eye-roll in numerous relationships.

Source: TikTok | @goldi_glob
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Goldi begins the clip by looking into the camera and stating: "Day one of talking to my boss like an insecure girlfriend."

The video then cuts to him standing in his boss' office. His boss, is seated at a desk as Goldi asks him the following question:

"Would you still employ me if I was a worm?"

His boss' reply is blunt and immediate: "No."

"Okay," Goldi says, defeated.

Folks who saw Goldi's video seemed to get a kick out of the concept, with one person speculating: "His tone makes me feel like this was not day one"

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Others got in on the joke, penning: "okay. but does he still talk to any of his ex employees???"

"'I bet you're talking to other interns'" another quipped.

There were some people, like this TikToker, who defended the question: "This isn t a insecure girlfriend its just a way of expressing the attachment"

man talks to boss like insecure girlfriend
Source: TikTok | @goldi_glob
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The viral "would you still love me if I was a worm meme," seems to have originated from a tweet and then gained popularity on TikTok, where a variety of content creators published videos posing/dealing with the question in a variety of humorous ways, many of which questioned specific relationship dynamics.

According to Know Your Meme, the query is rooted in an age-old fear that's been discussed for generations: the idea that timeless love could transcend one's physical attraction towards someone. It's the same question posed by Lana Del Rey in her track "Young and Beautiful," but the meme just decided to take a different approach.

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Goldi has decided to keep the "insecure girlfriend" bit going on his TikTok account, and uploaded a follow-up bit that appears to have become a trademark series for the content creator.

Source: TikTok | @goldi_glob
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"Day two of talking to my boss like an insecure girlfriend," he says at the top of the video, before the clip transitions to a short dialogue exchange between him and his supervisor.

Goldi: "All right so I'll get it to you by the end of the week."

Boss: "Yeah, sure."

Goldi: "What do you mean sure?"

Boss: "I just mean sure man that's fine."

Goldi: "Are you mad at me?"

Between day one and day two of his "insecure girlfriend" discussions with his boss alone, Goldi has managed to amass over 35 million views on those pair of clips alone, and he earned another 4.4 million on his third installment of the series to boot.

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"This is day three of talking to my boss like an insecure girlfriend," he says, following his trademark structure for this video archetype: "Hey Ian, do you still hang out with your old coworkers?" Goldi questions his boss, who is working on a laptop while sitting on a couch.

Source: TikTok | @goldi_glob
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"Yeah all the time," his boss says.

"Oh, that's interesting, that —" Goldi responds before the video cuts out, highlighting a common point of contention significant others have with the folks they're dating.

Source: TikTok | @goldi_glob
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He says in his fourth clip, which garnered 2.8 million views: "Day four of talking to my boss like an insecure girlfriend."

The video cuts to Goldi approaching his boss, Ian, only recording himself in their interaction, "Ian, I had a dream that you fired me last night."

"You did?" Ian asks.

There's a slight pause before Goldi asks, "You're not gonna apologize, or?"

If you're a fan of Goldi's content, or maybe you have some suggestions about other insecure questions you think would work for his series, you can find more of his videos on his TikTok account here.

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