"This Is So Not What I Asked For" — HEB Minion Cake Fail For Kid's Birthday Really Doesn't Cut It

A mom is disturbed by the cake she picks up from HEB, which was not at all like the minion cake inspiration photo she originally shared.

Melissa Willets - Author

Oct. 31 2023, Published 12:17 p.m. ET

One of the best things about social media may be when creators share hilarious fails, and cake fails to be specific. Sugary concoctions that fall short are especially noteworthy when someone has paid a bakery to create the cakes.

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Such was the case with TikTok creator @babygirls0s0 who took to the platform to document an epic cake fail, this time at the hands of grocery store chain HEB.

Unfortunately, her son's minion cake turned out to be "the ugliest f------ thing I've ever seen," according to the angry mom. Read on for the full story, which includes a happy ending you probably won't see coming.

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The minion cake looked nothing like the inspiration photo the mom shared.

"This is so not what I asked for," the lash extension guru and mom vented via TikTok after picking up the cake she'd ordered.

As she shared, the party was the next day, so she took the cake from HEB, hoping she could fix it.

Before revealing the cake fail, the creator first shared the "inspo" picture that she showed the HEB employee, specifying that she wanted just the outline of the minion's goggles.

She also noted that she didn't want the cake to be ombré when the bakery worker oddly asked about this option.

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What she got was not, um, exactly like the inspiration photo. In fact, it wasn't even close.

"What the f--- is this?" the frustrated mama wonders in the TikTok.

"Why is it ombré?" she asked. "What happened to the goggle circles?"

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Although the cake looks like something most of us could have frosted at home, and saved money in the process, the silver lining is that commenters had a field day with the fail.

"That was ten times worse than I expected," joked one observer.

"Absolutely nothing could have prepared me for that," someone else said.

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"It looks like a beach-themed hamburger," one person very accurately pointed out, while someone else flatly said, "They did you dirty."

Meanwhile, amazingly, this creator was able to fix the cake before the party.

The creator was able to fix the cake and it looked so much better than what HEB came up with.

As this genius mom shared, the morning of the party, she used a goggles cake topper to cover up the odd "ugly ribbon" top of the original messed-up cake.

Then, with the help of her fiancé and mom, the TikToker used the ribbon to hide the bizarre ombré feature.

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Most of her followers were impressed with the alterations, but as one person said, they still would have gotten a refund. Although many commenters urged her to go back to HEB and say something about what a disaster the cake had been, she explained that she simply hadn't had time, and all's well that ends well.

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Still, no matter how impressed people were by her cake salvage, they just couldn't get over how she paid for the "beach-themed hamburger." Now that her cake fail has gone viral though, clearly this creator ultimately won out here.

Now, like the many, many commenters who have been following this story, we were eagerly waiting for HEB to jump in and offer its explanation about the minion cake that gave us a reason to reconsider ever ordering a dessert from the chain again — and it did.

Distractify reached out to HEB to find out what had gone wrong wit this customer's order to which we received this reply: "At H-E-B, we strive to provide quality products to our customers and to ensure they are satisfied with their purchases. We understand the customer’s frustration and apologize for the inconvenience. We are working to make things right."

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