This 'Catfish' Hopeful Got Caught in a Pretty Chaotic Love Triangle After an Affair With Her Boss (SPOILERS)

Who are Brittany and Mark on 'Catfish'? Is Mark really who he says he is? Nev and Kamie discover the truth about their love triangle.

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Aug. 3 2021, Published 10:24 p.m. ET

Kamie Crawford Nev Schulman
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Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the Aug. 3, 2021 episode of Catfish.

Although Nev and Kamie have taken a break from traveling and are now cracking cases from the comfort of their headquarters, their ability to work remotely has allowed the duo to connect with Catfish hopefuls across the world.

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On the Aug. 3 episode of the MTV series, the hosts meet a 25-year-old Canadian welder named Brittany who found a new friend on Facebook after a scandalous split with her ex-supervisor, Billy. While Brittany and her newfound confidant, Mark, have chemistry, Nev and Kamie can’t help but suspect that something suspicious is going on.

So, is Mark really who he says he is? Do Catfish hopefuls Brittany and Mark end up together in the end? Read on to find out.

Brittany Catfish
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Canadian ‘Catfish’ hopeful Brittany is caught in a love triangle with her online lover, Mark, and her ex-boyfriend Billy.

Brittany’s Catfish conundrum may be one of the most peculiar cases that Nev and Kamie have encountered in Season 8. While many Catfish hopefuls seek out the show to confirm the identity of their online lovers, Brittany reveals that she hopes that Mark isn’t who he says he is. While her chemistry with the mystery man is undeniable, Brittany says that her heart still belongs to another man.

“So my last relationship was actually with my supervisor from work, Billy. There was something that attracted me to him instantly and I fell in love,” Brittany tells Nev and Kamie. “I was in love with him for a couple of years before finding out that he was married.”

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Not long after her breakup with Billy, Brittany received a message from Mark that warned her about illicit images that were posted of her on a revenge porn website. Over time, their relationship deepened, but they were forced to press pause on pursuing their partnership after Brittany learned that Mark and Billy were good friends.

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She explains, “​​Mark reached out to me — he just messages me and goes, ‘Oh yeah, there's this Bill guy at my house.’ It was so weird how he said it, how he even brought it up. It was bizarre.”

After doing even more digging, Kamie and Nev learn that Billy and Brittany are still in contact and even have hopes of one day rekindling their relationship. This further validates Kamie’s assertion that Mark is actually Billy, and Brittany hopes they’re right.

"I kind of was blind to it at first. I didn't really realize that it could be Billy until just recently when Mark had messaged me saying, ‘Oh, maybe your supervisor still thinks about you — maybe this whole time, he's been thinking he chose the wrong one,’” she shares. “Now that I've read the messages over again with the mindset of, it could be Billy. It all just makes sense to me now.”

So, is Mark really who he says he is? Read on to find out how Brittany and Mark’s story ends.

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Kamie Crawford
Source: MTV

Who is Mark on ‘Catfish’?

As Nev and Kamie explore how Brittany’s love triangle came to be, it is still unclear if Mark is actually Billy or if their love affair is all an elaborate scheme crafted by Billy’s wife. But Nev and Kamie don’t think this case will have a happy ending, and we’re inclined to believe them.

Eventually, Mark reveals their true identity on a Zoom call — and it’s not Mark at all. Or Billy, for that matter. Brittany learns that the person behind Mark’s online persona is Billy’s wife, Bobbi. According to her, she’s been impersonating her husband and Mark in an attempt to get revenge for her husband’s infidelity. And according to Bobbi, Billy’s been in on the secret the entire time.

Needless to say, it’s over between Billy and Brittany. To see what went down between Brittany and Billy’s wife, tune into Catfish on Aug. 3 at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.

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