YouTuber Mark Rober Is Open About His Decision to Protect His Son From the Public Eye

Haylee Thorson - Author

Apr. 21 2023, Published 11:18 a.m. ET

Former NASA engineer and YouTube sensation Mark Rober is reaching new heights.

In April 2023 the scientist’s series This Is Mark Rober debuted on the Discovery Channel, featuring the Revengineers star going behind the scenes to explain the inner workings of his viral STEM-centric videos.

But it has plenty of people wondering about who he is outside of the show, and if Mark Rober has kids.

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Most of Mark's YouTube videos are dedicated to experiments. However, it hasn't always been limited to videos about science. He got candid about his family life on his page in 2021.

Here’s the scoop on what Mark said about his son, who is typically shielded from Mark's social media presence.

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Does Mark Rober have any kids?

Before 2021, the former NASA engineer maintained a relatively private life regarding his immediate family. Despite frequently featuring his niece and nephew on his YouTube channel, Mark made it a point to shield his young son from the internet.

In his video “The Truth About My Son,” posted on April 16, 2021, the inventor got candid about his decision to protect his child’s identity for so long.

“I’m fairly private and protective when it comes to my family on my channel,” Mark explained. “The reason I am so protective of him is [that] he has special needs on the autistic spectrum.”

So, who is the YouTuber’s son? Mark opened up about everything that makes his child so unique and special to him.

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Mark Rober said his son’s “superpower is making other people happy” when he shared details of his child’s autism diagnosis.

Mark’s YouTube video about his son shed much-needed light on a diagnosis that is sometimes overlooked by others. From explaining sensory overload to dispelling stereotypes, the Mark was determined to set the record straight about autism.

“My son will never be the star of his little league team. He will never be the first person to step foot on Mars. Nor will he invent the cure for cancer,” Mark said.

“But by the best definition of success that I can think of, he and his special needs buddy (and everyone else like them) are giants living amongst us mere mortals," Mark added. “They make the world a better place. And we’re lucky to have them.”

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Mark also talked about his son’s love for instilling happiness in others. According to Mark, when his son first meets someone, he’ll ask them what their favorite color is.

“And at the first chance he gets, he will make you a full-page mural completely covered in about two pounds of your favorite crayon color, and he’ll write you a personal letter on the back,” Mark explained.

“His biggest thrill is interacting with others. His superpower is making other people happy.”

With Discovery's TV show ‘This Is Mark Rober,’ the YouTuber reaches a wider audience.

On Thursday, April 13, 2023, the engineer’s series This Is Mark Rober premiered on the Discovery Channel.

"Using never-before-seen footage, Mark dives deep into the concepts and processes for some of his most viral videos," per the network.

We look forward to seeing what Mark will do next!

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