Martin Walls Showed His Face After Years of Interacting Online With an Avatar

Martin Walls has always kept his face hidden online, but he finally revealed it to some of his followers before promptly deleting it.


Jul. 20 2021, Published 2:49 p.m. ET

If you're careful, the internet is a place where it's possible to be famous even if people don't know what you look like. Martin Walls is one such person, who is known on YouTube as an artist, and is most famous for "The Walten Files", a horror series that he posts to his channel. Martin is also known in part because he's one of many YouTubers who does not show his face on his channel. Instead, he uses an avatar to interact with fans.

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Martin recently did a face reveal on TikTok.

Recently, though, Martin did something he's never done before: He showed his face. According to reports on social media, Martin did a face reveal on TikTok, but asked his followers who were watching not to take screenshots or share pictures of him online. Fans have largely respected his wishes, even as some have been upset that they weren't online when Martin decided to reveal his face.

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After Martin posted the video in which he showed his face, he quickly deleted it, so fans who didn't catch it while it was up have missed their shot at seeing what Martin really looks like. Although Martin asked that no screenshots be taken, some users have taken it upon themselves to post sketches of what Martin looks like. As it turns out, it resembles his avatar more closely than many might have suspected.

Twitter has not reacted well to the news.

Those who got to see Martin's face reveal are undoubtedly happy, but many people missed it, and are feeling left out now.

“Martin Walls did a face reveal, then deleted it, and I was asleep through all of it. I hate it here," one user wrote.

“Going to sleep mad cause I missed a Martin Walls face reveal and TikTok notifications do not work," another added.

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Some users also posted responses to those who had decided to take screenshots of Martin, even though he specifically asked his followers not to do that.

“Some of the twf fans are insane I am praying for Martin Walls' sanity like why would you screenshot and repost someones face reveal after its deleted that's just weird,” one person wrote.

Source: YouTube
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"Since Martin Walls did a face reveal and has specifically stated for it to NOT be shared around do not share any screenshots even with close friends. He deleted it for a reason please be respectful and respect his boundaries," another person added.

If screenshots have been shared, they haven't been widely circulated online. Martin should be proud to have such a loyal fanbase, especially considering how large it is.

Martin, who is Chilean, has almost 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, and more than 40,000 followers on Twitter. He's not the biggest influencer in the world, but his sizable following is nonetheless quite loyal to him. On the internet, it's possible to remain relatively anonymous even as more and more people become interested in you. Martin's face is not widely recognized, but he's famous nonetheless.

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