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This Medical Bill Hack Can Reduce What You Owe the Hospital by Hundreds of Dollars


We all know the American health care system is irretrievably broken. A couple of years ago, I was playing softball, and when I went to tag a girl out, her cleat slid into my hand. My pinky finger dislocated. I went to the emergency room, a nice doctor numbed the area, popped it back in place, wrapped it in a small metal splint, and sent me on my way. About a week later, I got a bill in the mail for $1,200. 

I had insurance, which I was paying about $300 a month for at the time. And yet, here I was, slapped with a huge bill for a 15-minute visit to the ER. I paid it (in many installments — lucky enough to be able to do so), not knowing I potentially had another option. One woman recently tweeted about a trick she learned from TikTok of all places that drastically reduced her ER bill, and she went viral trying to make others aware of it. 

Source: Twitter