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The Best Memes From Tonight’s Controversial Episode of 'Game of Thrones'


Massive Game of Thrones spoilers ahead, so if you didn't watch the latest episode, read at your own risk!

Missandei's last words before being executed by Cersei was "dracarys." And that's precisely what happened to King's Landing, unsurprisingly. Game of Thrones fans had hoped Daenerys would do the right thing, but even when it was clear she was the victor (the Lannister army dropped their swords, and the bell was rung to send the message of surrender), she still turned all of King's Landing to ashes. Cersei died in Jaime's arms as the castle collapsed on top of them, Euron died trying to kill Jaime, The Hound died killing his brother, and a lot of innocent people died from being roasted by Drogon. While fans have been waiting to see Daenerys defeat Cersei, this wasn't exactly the way they wanted it to go down. Here's how the internet responded to tonight's polarizing episode.

1. First of all: Happy Mother's Day!

Game of Thrones *did* kill Tywin Lannister on Father's Day, so everything just came back full circle. Just not in the way we had hoped.