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Source: HBO

11 'Game of Thrones' Goofs You May Have Never Noticed While Watching the Show


TV is hard to make. There are about a billion different moving parts and departments upon departments full of people trying to make each episode the very best they can. And while this is true of any show, for an epic (read: expensive) fantasy series like Game of Thrones, an even more insane amount of work goes into making the show. 

Unfortunately, sometimes that means there are slip-ups, small errors the crew didn't catch that eagle-eye fans are always quick to point out. No one ever notices when you do a good job, right? They only bring attention to things like plot holes and inconsistencies and continuity errors. Well, in the spirit of nit-picking, here are 11 of the show's most head-turning errors. 

But it's all good, Game of Thrones. We still love you.

1. Khaleesi, Queen of Starbucks

Source: HBO

In the third-to-last episode of the last season ever, you can clearly spot a Starbucks cup on the table during the celebration after the battle of Winterfell. Now, who among us hasn't snuck some wine in a Starbucks cup before? But Dany didn't need to do that because wine was flowing freely at this feast.

Also, Starbucks presumably doesn't exist in the Seven Kingdoms. It is on every corner in our world though, so you never know.