11 'Game of Thrones' Goofs You May Have Never Noticed While Watching the Show

'Game of Thrones' has had its fair share of continuity errors, goofs, and straight-up mistakes during its eight-season run. These are some of the most memorable ones.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

May 6 2019, Updated 2:51 p.m. ET

dany hair featured
Source: HBO

TV is hard to make. There are about a billion different moving parts and departments upon departments full of people trying to make each episode the very best they can. And while this is true of any show, for an epic (read: expensive) fantasy series like Game of Thrones, an even more insane amount of work goes into making the show. 

Unfortunately, sometimes that means there are slip-ups, small errors the crew didn't catch that eagle-eye fans are always quick to point out. No one ever notices when you do a good job, right? They only bring attention to things like plot holes and inconsistencies and continuity errors. Well, in the spirit of nit-picking, here are 11 of the show's most head-turning errors. 

But it's all good, Game of Thrones. We still love you.

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1. Khaleesi, Queen of Starbucks

starbucks cup
Source: HBO

In the third-to-last episode of the last season ever, you can clearly spot a Starbucks cup on the table during the celebration after the battle of Winterfell. Now, who among us hasn't snuck some wine in a Starbucks cup before? But Dany didn't need to do that because wine was flowing freely at this feast.

Also, Starbucks presumably doesn't exist in the Seven Kingdoms. It is on every corner in our world though, so you never know. 

2. Khaleesi, Queen of Different Wigs

dany hair
Source: HBO

Earlier on in this last season, Dany's hairstyle mysteriously changes from shot to shot. I get it. Elaborate braids are hard to keep consistent, but that doesn't mean fans weren't going to tweet out screenshots of this wardrobe malfunction immediately.

If you take a look at her fur coat as well, it seems like her shoulder is a bit fuzzier in the shot on the right.

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3. Sansa...Targaryen?

sansa titles
Source: HBO

In season one of the show, Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, appears in the titles with the Targaryen dragon symbol next to her name while her in-show siblings, Arya (Maisie Williams) and Robb (Richard Madden) are clearly shown next to the Stark seal. 

Was this a mistake? Were the show runners trying to mess with us? Is Sansa Stark really a Targaryen? I suppose there are two episodes left... We could be in for quite a surprise.

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4. The Email Notification

margaery tyrell
Source: HBO

Remember when Margaery Tyrell was still alive in the world of the show? Wow, what a time. We've been through a lot as Game of Thrones fans. Anyway, I digress. There was an episode in Season 3 where Margaery hands out toys to orphans after the Battle of the Blackwater. 

During that scene, if you listen carefully, you can hear a cell phone email or text notification chiming in the background. Maybe the editors thought it would sound like a King's Landing wind chime, or maybe they just didn't notice it. But modern technology definitely snuck its way into that scene somehow.

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5. Melisandre's Necklace

Source: HBO

In Season 6, it was pretty well established that if the magical Red Woman took off her big ol' necklace, she rapidly aged into a wrinkly old prune of a person. So it was quite interesting when fans recalled that, in Season 4, she was seen without her youth-preserver on while taking a bath. 

Likely, it was just an error, but since the universe of Game of Thrones is full of some pretty wild magic, maybe this is just another reality-defying trait of the world.

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6. Presidential Head on a Stake

george bush
Source: HBO

This one is perhaps my favorite and a cautionary tale for anyone who has free rein of a prop room. The Game of Thrones team took a random head from HBO's prop closet and stuck it on a stake in the show without realizing (or perhaps with realizing, but never admitting it) that it was the head of George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States.

I mean, look at it! It's clearly him, just with long ratty hair. The show runners apologized for the gaffe and Bush's head was removed from the show for DVD releases, but we'll always have this screenshot.

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7. The Long Hair Boys

robb stark jon snow
Source: HBO

First of all, look at these absolute babies! Season 1 of Game of Thrones happened a shockingly long time ago, way back in 2011. We have learned a lot about these characters since then, and the crew has also learned a lot about making a TV show. 

Because in the first episode of the show, Jon Snow and Robb Stark have clipped hair and are clean shaven while they wait for King Robert to arrive, but they have long hair later in the episode when they find the direwolf puppies. 

It could be magic, I guess, but more likely, it was a continuity error.

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8. Stannis Mid-Reboot

stannis charger
Source: HBO

Perhaps you were so distraught by the death of Stannis Baratheon that you failed to see the computer charger (or mic pack, or something) clearly lying underneath his right knee. 

He'd been quite wounded in battle at this point. I don't think that a laptop charger would have given him the necessary boost to survive.

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9. Jon Snow's Rubber Sword

jon snow sword
Source: HBO

Call me crazy, but I don't think metal swords, particularly ones made from the insanely strong Valyrian steel, are supposed to bend like that while you ride a horse. Whoops! I understand using a lighter material to make filming easy on your actor, but it's supposed to be a sword! Maybe make it out of balsa wood or something that stays rigid when it bounces up and down. 

And to make matters worse, this scene happens in the middle of the Battle of the Bastards. Jon Snow never would have made it out of that alive with that flimsy thing fans dubbed "Longnoodle."

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10. Jaime and Brienne

jamie brienne
Source: HBO

Jaime and Brienne, sitting in a tree, B-E-I-N-G D-I-F-F-E-R-E-N-T H-E-I-G-H-T-S T-H-R-O-U-G-H-O-U-T T-H-E W-H-O-L-E S-H-O-W! Sure, they finally resolved their Ross and Rachel will-they-won't-they conflict by getting it on multiple times in the fourth episode of this season, but this had people wondering just what was going on with their heights, which seem to fluctuate throughout the seasons.

Gwendolyn Christie, who plays Brienne, is a tall woman, and she seems to tower over Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's Jaime in some scenes but not in others. What sort of dark magic is going on here?

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11. White Walker in a Box

white walker
Source: HBO

Remember this fun scene? Jon Snow captured a white walker and stuck it in a wooden box to take to Cersei to explain the real threat they pose. And at the time, a wooden box easily contained the wight.

But then, at the Battle of Winterfell, wights simply punched their way out of stone crypts no problem to terrorize the poor people hiding for their lives. Hmmm, this seems like a case of changing the rules for the sake of plot convenience. 

Good thing we love you, Game of Thrones

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