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Source: Paramount Pictures / Twitter

15 People Share What Men Think Women Want (Spoiler: They're Wrong)


Men either take pride in thinking they know what women want or in their ignorance about what women want. How many comedians have you heard be like, "Women! What are they? What do they want?! I don't know, and I will make no effort to know!" It's not cute. Men have all these notions about what women want that it seems like they've conjured out of thin air because they are in no way based in reality. Luckily, people on Twitter have drawn attention to the very silly ideas men have about women with the hashtag #MenThinkWomenWant

Source: Twitter

To be clear, we will definitely take that loyalty and compassion, too. But those should be givens, and if we're being honest with ourselves, women truly desire larger pockets more than they desire any man. We got so screwed over with pockets, and it's high time that changes. With larger pockets, we wouldn't have to carry purses. With larger pockets, we could carry our flamethrowers on our person all day every day without issue.