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Source: Disney

People on Twitter Sum up Their Age in 5 Words With Remarkable Clarity


If there's anything Twitter likes more than controversy, it's nostalgia, and the latest hashtag trend thankfully involves the latter. Users of the social media site are summing up their ages with just five words, plus a little visual cue, and the results are giving us life while also making us feel super old, even those of us who haven't cracked 30 yet. Check out some of the best answers to the hashtag and see which cohort you belong to.

Source: Twitter

If you grew up with this person, you no doubt recognize these less celebrated Disney titles, but in case you didn't, they are (counterclockwise from the top left): Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Brother Bear; Emperor's New Groove, and Treasure Planet. Spanning 2000 to 2003, these ones definitely fell in between the spans most fans consider the high points for Disney Animation Studios. But hey, is it really such a tragedy that Disney took a step back from princesses for a few years to try outside-the-box spins on classic tales and mythology?