TikTok's Men With the Pot Are Sharing More Than Just Camping Recipes (EXCLUSIVE)

Sara Belcher - Author

Jan. 30 2024, Published 11:27 a.m. ET

There are countless culinary creators online, showing off their masterful and unique dishes on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. But few do it in a way that's as relaxing as Men With the Pot's video recipe.

The Polish duo based out of Ireland started making videos on various camping trips, taking a camera into the woods with them as they crafted masterful dishes over an open fire.

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"We used to do a lot of a lot of camping, a lot of fishing trips and stuff like that, but we never had the courage to record anything," Krzysztof Szymanski, one half of the culinary duo, said in an interview with Distractify of Men With the Pot's humble beginnings. "One day we took a phone with us [camping] there was good feedback from family and friends. And here we are speaking with you right now."

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Krzysztof and his cooking partner, Slawek Kalkraut, have cooked advanced dishes like dumplings, paella, and baked goods like bread and brownies on their camping trips, using an open flame as their oven. The skill required to master such dishes in a kitchen, let alone over a campfire, coupled with their nature-centric ASMR videos have more than earned them their following.

On TikTok, Men With the Pot has 12.9 million followers, with famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay reacting to their complex dishes. After more than four years of making content, Krzysztof sat down with Distractify to discuss the channel's growth and their decision to finally reveal their faces to their fans.

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The creators of Men With the Pot have started to reveal their faces in interviews.

Since Men With the Pot began posting videos in 2019, the duo behind the campfire have left their identities anonymous to their viewers, never showing themselves as they're cooking. In the current social media age (and with their most popular platform being TikTok), this is an impressive feat.

But as their platform has continued to grow, Krzysztof and Slawek have been more open with their identities, appearing at events and giving in-person interviews.

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"It would be nice to just say hello to the world," Krzysztof said. "Maybe not so often."

The pair were invited to an end-of-year event for culinary creators on TikTok, which led to their decision to be a bit more lenient with their anonymity.

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Don't expect the duo's whole format to change, though — the videos will still focus on the food and nature, and Krzysztof and Slawek will keep their presence behind the camera.

"We are still going to keep that mystery in the videos," Krzysztof said. "But yeah, we're going to maybe more often be in the media."

Since this decision to come forward with their identities, the pair have done a series of interviews, including the Polish Kanal Sportowy show and newonce.

"Usually whenever people are going camping they take something really, really simple. So we're just here to prove you can do pretty much everything. Obviously, you have to spend a bit more time on that," Krzysztof said of their content.

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Though there are no specific plans to include more of their faces in their content, you can expect to see their names associated with their content much more going forward.

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