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Twitter Account Exposes Male Authors' Terrible Descriptions of Women


Character development is one of the cornerstones of good fiction writing. It requires a keen talent for observation and a good amount of empathy, particularly when you're writing about a person who has a different perspective from your own. At the very least, you might want to do some research and talk to a few people from similar walks of life. 

But as evidenced by my new favorite Twitter account, @men_write_women, many male writers are apparently clueless about women's bodies and experiences. And yet they churn out books filled with female characters that make readers ask, "has this writer ever met a woman before?" Here are 10 unintentionally hilarious pieces of published writing about women by men.

Source: Twitter

Stuart Woods is the author of a crime fiction series featuring detective-turned-lawyer Stone Barrington, a human male who thinks it's totally normal for a woman to have a small purse she stows inside her vagina. This excerpt involves a medical examiner — an official who by law in most cities must be a licensed doctor, by the way — describing the circumstances of a female victim to somebody who asks, "Where does she live?" rather than "Sorry, what did you say? A purse in her vagina? How?!"

In case you are reading this and confused as to why this is a baffling piece of writing, let's just say that no matter how elastic this part of the body is, there is probably not a single owner of a vagina who could comfortably walk with a debit card nestled within it, and the very thought makes me want to fold up into a little origami crane and fly away.