People Share the Most Embarrassing Times They Sent a Text Meant for Someone Else

Have you ever hit "Send" on a text or an email and realized you sent it to exactly the wrong person? Well, these people have.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Jul. 9 2019, Updated 5:06 p.m. ET

I've definitely sent a text to completely the wrong person, but never one that was about the person I actually sent it to. However, I once witnessed someone accidentally send an email with personal notes about each of their employees to all of those employees instead of the person who'd be taking over their job. 

I kid you not, I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw it happen. I do not envy anyone who has sent the wrong message to the wrong person. Writer Louis Peitzman recently asked people to share the most mortifying stories of times regretted hitting "send," and oh boy, they are cringe-worthy.

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This is a classic wrong text situation. But if you accidentally text your terrible date about how terrible your date was, at least you no longer have to worry about breaking it off with them... right? There is a silver lining. And you know what? If the guy was a terrible date, he probably deserved to know in this admittedly heartless way. I really want to know what was so bad about it, but Jenny didn't elaborate. Maybe we'll learn the whole story someday.


I have so many questions. In addition to "What? Why? How?" I need the following answers: Was this person just recently texting his uncle? Did his uncle and his ex have the same name? How and when did he realize that he'd sent the text to his uncle and not his ex? How did his uncle respond? 

I hope his uncle didn't give him an actual answer. That would be so much more disturbing than the original text. 

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It is obviously completely devastating if you text something meant for your girlfriend to your mom. It is, however, several levels worse when you accidentally send your mother "the most vile sexually violating thing." I am honestly glad that John couldn't and wouldn't describe what it actually was that he texted to his mom, because I really don't know if I could handle it. I wonder what the conversation with his mom was after it happened. I'm melting just thinking about it.

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Ah yes, the dreaded accidental screenshot. What I want to know is were they broken up already when she called him a "moron and a wet omelet" in a text? Or was this the thing that led to their breakup? Did she mean to sit him down and have an actual, respectful conversation in which she ended the relationship? Or was this some sort of subconscious thing where her body decided it was time to break up and so pressed "send" when she definitely wouldn't have done so consciously?

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wrong text
Source: Twitter

This is too funny. If I was this mom, I would just have to laugh at this. And then obviously punish my daughter. But the inclusion of "don't tell mom" is just simply hilarious. Again, maybe there was some latent guilt or hidden regret here that made Drea accidentally send the text to her mom instead of her sister. Maybe she secretly wanted her mom to know what she was doing so she wouldn't have to live with the guilt.

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This is actually really cute! I don't know about someone who calls their fiancé "kitten." That part is actually kind of weird. And if I was person who got that text from my boss, I'd probably feel really strange about it no matter who she claimed she was actually texting. OK, remember the part where I agreed that this was cute? I take it all back! I feel like the only person who is allowed to call people "kitten" is a fabulous 90-year-old widow who lives alone with her art, you know?

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Do you think the mom fell for it? Do you think she had no idea that "wanna come over" was 100 percent a booty call? I mean, moms may be old, but they're still humans. Booty calls have been a thing since the beginning of time, I think. It would be endlessly funny if they actually went through with it and she had to cook an elaborate meal and hang out with her ex and his mom. The most awkward third-wheel situation ever.

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In a follow-up tweet, @trashmouthgem clarifies how her boss responded to this most cringe-worthy accidental text: "She asked if there was anything she could do to make me feel more comfortable and recognized that she could be intimidating sometimes. Like, could not have been nicer about it. THANK GOD. Still wanted to die. Thankfully, it was just a summer job." That's the best possible outcome, but it's still so awkward.

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Ahhhhhh! I'm sorry but I think this might be the worst one. Talking about sex stuff with your brother is just a big ol' awkward no-no to begin with, but she went ahead and sent him a photo of all her sex toys! I'm assuming this wasn't like, a Google image of a bunch of sex toys. It was probably a picture of the actual sex toys she actually liked to use! Which, more power to her, but I don't think that's a thing she ever necessarily planned to share with her brother. Oof.

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I love this one so much. From this tweet, it seems like Nearly-Stranger Neil answered the initial text and had an entire heart-to-heart with Patrick about how much he valued their friendship. When did Patrick realize he was talking to the wrong Neil, and did he eventually reveal the truth? Or is he now living his life with a new best friend Neil? Maybe the real Neil still has no idea how Patrick feels about him. Tragic!

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First of all, this is such a life lesson. Do not roast people in email form. Period. You don't want a record of that even if you don't send it to the wrong person. Second of all, there's always that chance that you send it to the wrong person!! That's unbelievable. I'm really shocked that this person didn't lose their job. There are only two possible reasons for this: Maybe he's really amazing at his job. Or maybe everything he said about the client was true and everyone else in the company felt the same way. 

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This one might not seem like a big deal at first, but read the first few words again. This happened during high school. Everything that happens in high school is embarrassing to the nth degree, no matter what it is. Now, as an adult, I would be so psyched for a friend who admitted to watching Jeopardy! and getting the final question right when none of the contestants did. That's a big deal! But you know what that makes you in high school? A nerd.  

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It is bad enough to accidentally send your dad a text that says, "My milkshake brings all the girls to the yard." If the story stopped there, it would be sufficiently dramatic and hilarious. But it doesn't! It doesn't stop there at all! Dads are so skilled at making situations more embarrassing when you didn't even know they could get more humiliating. Of course his dad read the text out loud to everyone in his business meeting. Of course.

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wrong text

This one made my insides shrivel. It's so bad. It's already terrible enough to get that "we need to talk" text. Those are never good to be on the receiving end of. But it's ten thousand times worse to then get a pitying text that was clearly meant for someone else. "He doesn't know! I feel so bad!" The irony is that now he definitely knows. Now he is 100 percent aware of what's going on. Guaranteed.

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This one flips the prompt on its head! This story shows that it can be just as awkward to receive a wrong text as it is to send one. If I got a love poem from my psychiatrist, I wouldn't know who to talk to about it because I certainly wouldn't be able to tell my psychiatrist! And honestly, no matter how weird the psychiatrist feels about it, no matter how much he claims it was mistake, I just don't know I could ever forget it. You don't forget that kind of stuff...ever.

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16. Even Chrissy Teigen responded.

I'm with Louis — even if it would be mortifying to have the queen of social media call you an idiot, it would also be an honor in a way. Now I'll spend the rest of the day wondering which probably famous person was on the receiving end of that burn.

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