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Source: Instagram

Peter's Ex-Girlfriend Merissa Pence Makes an Appearance on 'The Bachelor' Hometown Dates


Season 24 of The Bachelor is starting to wind down. Peter has finally narrowed down his women to the final four, which means the hometown dates are next. And from what spoilers we know, this round of hometowns is going to be more intense than any we've seen before.

Most of the drama is going to go down in Virginia, on Victoria F.'s hometown date, when Peter's ex-girlfriend, Merissa Pence shows up — but this time, it's not to win him back.

Merissa and Peter dated in 2012.

Merissa and Peter didn't date recently — so don't worry, she isn't looking to come on the show to win Peter's heart back. The pair dated briefly in 2012, while Merissa was living in Los Angeles. She even still has some pictures of them together up on her Instagram.

Their split was amicable, so there's no bad blood brewing here. Instead, Merissa wanted to speak with him to warn him about one of his remaining contestants — specifically Victoria F.