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Source: Starz

Another Character Is Killed Off in the Mid-Season 6 Premiere of 'Power' (SPOILERS!)


[Warning: Spoilers ahead]

While it's still unclear to Power fans as to who shot Ghost (Omari Hardwick), at least one suspect was eliminated from the lineup, Dre (Rotimi). The longtime snitch who has narrowly escaped death numerous times finally got what was coming to him ... and he paid the ultimate price.

The Season 6 mid-season premiere, titled "Still Dre," followed the events leading up to Ghost's death from Dre's point of view. Dre landed himself in jail (for the second time in the episode) for the murder of his former mentor-turned-enemy after Blanca (Monique Gabriela Curnen) spotted him leaving Truth right after Ghost was killed. 

Though, fans now know that while Dre intended on killing him, he ran out of the club when he heard gunshots.