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Source: TLC

Natalia's Visa Was Denied — What Does That Mean for Her and Mike?(Warning: '90 Day Fiance' SPOILERS)


Season 7 of TLC's 90 Day Fiance is officially underway, and we're starting to get to know the couples as they're getting to know each other. The couple that's already caught the audience's attention are Mike and Natalia, who got engaged on their second date (talk about moving fast).

The two seem more than ready to tie the knot, despite the fact that they're polar opposites, but do they make it to the altar? Where is the couple now?

Mike and Natalia already have their differences.

Right from the start Mike feels that Natalia is out of his league, considering she's a model, has multiple degrees, and she's family-oriented. And the pair have a lot of differences. Natalia's a vegetarian while Mike isn't; she's devoutly religious while he's more agnostic; she's a city girl, while Mike lives in rural Washington state.