Ladies, Beware! The "Mike Who Cheese Hairy" Joke on TikTok Is Meant to Embarrass Us

On TikTok, the "mike who cheese hairy" joke is trending. Here's what it means and some of the funniest videos about the joke on the platform.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Nov. 10 2022, Published 1:18 p.m. ET

'Mike Who Cheese Hairy' joke on TikTok
Source: TikTok/@kaelakinz; TikTok/@jlc668; TikTok/@albee7218

Well, it looks like TikTok found the R-rated version of "ICUP."

A new trend has emerged on the platform where creators ask someone to recite what seems like an innocent but random phrase.

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Ladies, watch out, because this lame bit is specifically geared toward us. Here's everything we know about the "mike who cheese hairy" joke that's trending on TikTok.

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TikTok users are asking women they know to read the phrase "Mike Who Cheese Hairy."

If you're ever asked to say the phrase "mike who cheese hairy" aloud, politely decline. There's nothing good about Mike and his hairy cheese. In fact, if you say the phrase a few times, you might start to hear the joke.

But if you need a hint, I'll just lay it on you. When a woman says the phrase "mike who cheese hairy," she is implying that her genitals are hairy. Ha ha ha. *Rolls eyes.*

The first video ever depicting this trend was shared in 2019. For a while, it seemed like the joke died down. But as of late, it seems there are a lot of hairy hoo-has on TikTok.

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Take a look at these videos of folks (mostly women) unknowingly updating the world on the status of their lady bits.

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Above, we see a sweet woman chant about her fuzzy part below the belt. Then her husband joins in and he's just as confused as she is. Bless their hearts.

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Well, it took this little lady a few tries, but she finally got it. Extra credit!

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And aw man! We really hope this man let his wife in on the joke eventually.

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Ask a man to recite "2tnslppbntso."

If you're a female who had to talk about your vagina on TikTok, you may be entitled to compensation.

OK, not really, but there is an embarrassing phrase that you can ask men to read if you want to embarrass them.

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Previously on the platform, the 2tnslppbntso joke trended. Just as with "mike who cheese hairy," one would be asked to recite 2-t-n-s-l-p-p-b-n-t-s-o aloud.

So, what does it phrase mean? Well, there's a little twist.

The phrase is in Spanish. When recited, it sounds like “Tu tienes el pipi bien tieso?” And if you translate that to English, it reads “You got your peepee very stiff.”

Not as straightforward as "mike who cheese hairy," but it's definitely worth a laugh. It's probably even funnier if the person doesn't know Spanish.

Anyway, shout-out to all the hairy lady bits and stiff schlongs!

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