Taryn Delanie Smith May Have Been Miss New York, but She's Also Hilarious


May 3 2023, Published 9:54 a.m. ET

Beauty pageant contestants often find that their combination of beauty and poise can lead to a long career in or adjacent to show business. Of course, many of those contestants have also become influencers in more recent years. Taryn Delanie Smith, who was Miss New York in 2022, is one such influencer, but her presence on TikTok may not be quite what you expect.

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While Taryn is undeniably beautiful, she has gained a massive following on TikTok because she also has an excellent sense of humor. Let's see why her "Heaven" videos are so popular on TikTok.

Miss New York is making comedy sketches about Heaven on TikTok.

Taryn is likely best known for her "Heaven" series on TikTok, which is a series of videos in which she pretends to be an overworked receptionist taking calls for God from Heaven. In the videos, Taryn always wears a bathrobe, has a towel wrapped around her head, and uses a pink disposable razor as a replacement for a headset that she can take and receive calls through.

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Each video features a different scenario, and the calls that her receptionist character takes range from personal to professional. The thing that unites all the videos is the receptionist's no-nonsense demeanor and her trademark New York accent.

In one video, Taryn starts by talking about the tremendous amount of paperwork she had to do when the Titanic sank, and then puts a psychic through to someone in Heaven who is trying to talk to them.

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From there, she greets Jerry Springer, the recently deceased talk show host, as he makes his way into Heaven. "We needed you a little bit ago because when we had Elizabeth and Diana up here at the same time," Taryn tells the host, "we could have used a mediator if you know what I mean."

Taryn's receptionist also interacts with a demon and an angel over the course of the video.

Who is Taryn Delanie Smith outside of her TikTok profile?

Taryn's presence on TikTok has earned her a devoted following. In her personal life, she studied at St. John's University in New York and earned a bachelor's degree in media and communications. She then earned a master's degree in international and intercultural communications. She's also still serving as the reigning Miss New York.

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Taryn's TikTok and Instagram pages also include plenty of pictures and videos of her in real life. In addition to her education, Taryn certainly has a potential career as an influencer to fall back on, and her stint as Miss New York has given her access to plenty of fancy parties and other events.

What Taryn's fans on TikTok seem to appreciate most about her, though, is the feeling that she is always being genuine with them. Whether she's pretending to be God's receptionist or interviewing people on the street, she isn't afraid to let her actual personality shine through, and it turns out that many of her fans appreciate how real she always seems to be.

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