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Source: Getty

Should You Get That Couples' Tattoo? Celeb Ink Master, Mister Cartoon, Weighs In (EXCLUSIVE)


Aside from getting a dog, having a baby, or buying a house with your partner, one of the most permanent ways of showing your love for someone is by getting matching tattoos with them. Whether it's a sketch of their face, their name in script, or simply matching tattoos of something that's meaningful to both of you, a couples' tattoo lasts forever... even if you aren't ultimately together forever. 

Over 63 percent of Americans regret getting their significant other's name tattooed on their body, and over 50 percent wish to cover it with another tat, according to DoorDash, so for anyone who is considering getting a couples' tattoo, we've gotten some advice from celebrity tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon (real name: Mark Machado).