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Source: cbs los angeles

Mom Sues Etsy After This Teething Necklace Strangled Her Son


The e-commerce giant Etsy is facing a lawsuit from a California mom whose toddler was strangled to death by a teething necklace. 

I’m writing this story with a very heavy heart, as I have two little children of my own and could not bear the thought of losing them. Most necklaces are really not intended for babies or toddlers, but that doesn't stop kids from constantly trying to pry them from your neck and jam them into their mouths.

This one Danielle Morin received from a friend was advertised on Etsy as a teething necklace developed specifically for young children. While at daycare, he took a nap with the necklace on and died by strangulation when it tangled around his neck and did not release. Five days later, he passed away. 

This particular necklace was intended for babies, specifically for teething pain relief. The online receipt stated that it should have a safety clasp that automatically releases if it is tugged on. Anyone who's ever seen or used a teething necklace before knows they're pretty easy to pry off. Deacon's, sadly, did not.