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Source: Facebook

Mom Goes Viral for Brutally Honest Post About Her 'Lost Identity'


One of the most pervasive, harmful notions we perpetuate in our society is the idea that, once a woman has a child, she ceases to be a woman and is, from that moment on, only considered a mom. That doesn't happen to men who become fathers. Fathers are still allowed to be men with their own separate personalities and lives. 

But women are expected to devote their entire existence to motherhood. And what this does is create a lot of resentful, exhausted, overworked, and lost women trying to salvage some bit of themselves while saddled with the work and the pressure to be the best moms they can be. 

Kate — a writer who chronicles her life who raising three kids, one of whom has severe, nonverbal autism at Finding Cooper's Voice recently took to Facebook to vent her frustrations about her "lost identity." It's so real and relatable for other women whose entire lives have begun to revolve around their children despite being full people with their own interests and desires and hobbies and skills that fall completely outside the realm of motherhood.