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Source: Instagram

Mom's Viral Post Explains She Was Shamed for Sporting a Bikini on Instagram (Exclusive)


Sia is a personal trainer, a fitness guru, an influencer, and a mom. She has over one million followers on Instagram at @diaryofafitmommyofficial, where she shares selfies and meal pics and gives us insight into her life. And she was recently mom-shamed for sharing a photo of herself wearing a bikini. 

The photo, posted on November 4, shows Sia in a swimsuit looking out at the ocean. "I remember when this photo was taken of me back in June in the Bahamas," her caption reads. "I didn't share it because I was so worried about my cellulite! I'm sharing it now because I want you ladies to feel empowered and to own your bodies. you are more than your dimples. Wear the damn swimsuit because life is too short! I love you all."

Source: Instagram