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Source: stx films

These Moms Just Love Bragging About How Awesome They Are at Motherhood


Being a great parent is a tough and often thankless job. That makes it all the more amazing when your kid, out of nowhere, hugs you and tells you they love you and you can feel the gratitude just glowing off them. Like a save point after a particularly tough dungeon in an RPG.

It makes up for all the sleepless nights, the tantrums, the changes to your body, the parties you sacrificed and all the "cool" things you'd be doing otherwise.

When we're kids, it's easy to completely forget that our parents are fallible human beings and fall prey to the same shallow, silly things as other human beings, like a need for recognition. Of course, raising loving and kind children is its own reward, but some folks want a pat on the back. And a few of those want more than a pat on the back.