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These Moms Just Love Bragging About How Awesome They Are at Motherhood



Being a great parent is a tough and often thankless job. That makes it all the more amazing when your kid, out of nowhere, hugs you and tells you they love you and you can feel the gratitude just glowing off them. Like a save point after a particularly tough dungeon in an RPG.

It makes up for all the sleepless nights, the tantrums, the changes to your body, the parties you sacrificed and all the "cool" things you'd be doing otherwise.

When we're kids, it's easy to completely forget that our parents are fallible human beings and fall prey to the same shallow, silly things as other human beings, like a need for recognition. Of course, raising loving and kind children is its own reward, but some folks want a pat on the back. And a few of those want more than a pat on the back.

Which is where a new phenomenon comes into play: the parental flex. Parents have always gotten together for coffee to brag about what clubs and sports their kids are involved in, how smart their little Susan is, and how Jeffrey's reading at a fifth grade level before he's even out of diapers, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Thanks to social media, we've been exposed to more of these parental flexes than ever before. Like this one mom who just knows her child won't like kids' menus.

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Apparently there's something wrong with giving kids smaller portions or, heaven forbid, fried pieces of chicken breast. While I get that it's important for children to have varied diets and have them eat what adults eat, "hate" is kind of a strong word for something as small as a kids' menu, right?

God forbid you try to give her little buckaroo a pack of Fruit Gushers when they come over your house.

Other parents chimed in to let her know that she can plan for her children's palate all she wants... but, at the end of the day, the kid's going to eat what they want to eat.

Source: facebook
Source: facebook

Children utterly change your life. This fact of life has been the subject of many a romantic comedy and stand-up special. Finding time for yourself, especially if you're a single parent, is almost impossible when you've got a human to raise. Self-care like going to the gym or getting dolled up for a night out usually takes a backseat to child rearing.

But not for this mom, apparently.

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Oh wow, you don't wear makeup and are schlepping around town rocking Adidas leggings with your hair in a bun? What's wrong with you? Why don't you just wake up two hours earlier than your child to make sure you're all made up and rocking the same cute outfits you did before gave birth.

Unsurprisingly, people had a lot to say regarding this bragging mama's post. Like, why does it take her two hours to get ready anyway? Also, the fact that she's bragging about having the time to get ready when her baby is still an infant and sleeps most of the time anyway isn't really an accomplishment. Just wait till they get a bit older.

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Source: facebook

One of the most difficult things to teach your kids is to not be a gross savage. Whether it's eating food off a dirty floor, flossing their toes with their utensils, or putting their mouths on bathroom stall doors, they're basically animals at the end of the day, and it's our job to teach them manners so they don't do what they'd probably do by default.

Teaching them to be clean, upstanding members of society is difficult, so I can understand where this mother's pride comes from in teaching her children to wash their hands. But the fact they chased a woman around Comic-Con for not washing their hands is kinda annoying. While you're teaching your kids to wash their hands, maybe teach them to not put strangers on blast for no other reason than to publicly shame them?

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Some people made great points about why this is messed up, while others provided perfectly logical explanations for why this woman didn't wash her hands.

Source: facebook
Source: facebook

Have you ever come across a "sanctimommy"? How do you handle them when you do?

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