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Source: instagram

Mom Responds to Shamers Who Criticized Her for Having "Only" One Child


Popular mom blogger Jenna Schwartz couldn't believe the reaction some fellow moms had on the Internet when she made it clear that she was "one and done" after giving birth to her child.

Motherhood is something that, while I personally appreciate and am in awe of, I recognize that it's something I'll never truly understand.

My wife and I have two kids who are just absolutely wonderful (90% her doing, not mine) and although I do as much as I can to pull my weight around in rearing them, being present, and helping out in any way that I can -- it's clear that no amount of what I do for them can amount to what she's been through to give birth to our beautiful little monsters.

I recognize in knowledge the toll having kids had on her not just physically, but mentally. Post-partum depression is very, very real. Studies have indicated that as many as 1 in 5 women experience post-partum depression in some way, shape or form.

Jenna Schwartz was one of those women. The voice behind the blog, Motherhood Understood, Schwartz experienced PPD symptoms after giving birth to her son, Mason, six years ago.