“Are You a Mime Today?” — Mom Mistakes Her Son’s Eye Black for Chapstick

Haylee Thorson - Author

Jul. 11 2023, Published 2:43 p.m. ET

A mom used eye black instead of chapstick on accident
Source: TikTok/@kendallmaloney_

Black lipstick is undoubtedly a bold look, but it isn’t for everyone. And when one who forgoes any type of makeup product dons a dark lip unintentionally, the results can be jarring.

While the scenario of accidentally wearing black lipstick sounds hypothetical, one TikTok creator found herself in a situation where she sported it during an office tour.

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In a viral video, creator Kendall Maloney (@kendallmaloney_) opened up about mistaking her son’s eye black for chapstick and the final product left her in tears (of laughter).

Here’s what went down.

A mom shares a story about using accidentally using her son's eye black instead of chapstick
Source: TikTok/@kendallmaloney_
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A mom accidentally used eye black as chapstick.

In her video, Kendall shared a hilarious story about accidentally applying eye black as chapstick during an important meeting.

The creator prefaced that she works from home and is actively searching for an office outside her house so she doesn’t have to worry about being in her husband and children's way during the workday.

Kendall then said she was viewing a potential workspace and met countless people during the tour. Afterward, she FaceTimed her husband because she was excited about the opportunity and suddenly noticed that her partner was acting strange on the other end.

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At first, she thought she was frozen, but when he assured her she wasn’t, he dropped a question that took the creator aback. “I’m just confused,” her husband said. “Are you a mime today?”

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Kendall then looked down at herself on FaceTime and was shocked by her reflection. As it turned out, the creator had unintentionally applied her son’s eye black that he uses for sports thinking it was chapstick.

“I was obviously mortified!” Kendall cackled. “I just toured this place looking like this with black lipstick on.”

The mom returned to the office space to explain the eye black situation.

People commented in support of the woman who accidentally used eye black instead of chapstick
Source: TikTok/@kendallmaloney_

After calling her best friend and dying of laughter over the eye black fiasco, Kendall wiped off the product and drove back to the office space she had just toured.

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Kendall explained that she was embarrassed by the situation and clarified that she doesn’t wear black lipstick. The creator told the employees she accidentally applied her son’s eye black after mistaking the product for chapstick.

And their response couldn’t have been funnier. “Oh, I just thought you were a black lipstick kind of girl,” one of the women replied. Better yet? She also said Kendall could pull it off.

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A woman used eye black on her lips and recounts the experience
Source: TikTok/@kendallmaloney_

Naturally, the comment section was in stitches over the creator’s story. “The fact that you went BACK has me howling,” one user said. Not only that, but even Carmex got in on the action in the comments.

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“Sounds like you need to switch brands so this doesn’t happen again…” the popular chapstick brand renowned for its bright yellow and red-colored tubes added.

Another person couldn’t help but note that Kendall’s application was far neater than theirs would have been. “How are you so neat with the application of chapstick, though?” they wondered. “It would’ve been on my chin and upper lip.”

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