This Mexican Mom Went Viral After She Cleaned Patio Furniture During a Hurricane

What do you do when there's a hurricane on the horizon? According to this mom on social media, you use the rain to wash your patio furniture!

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Aug. 23 2023, Published 1:25 p.m. ET

Growing up in Louisiana taught me a lot about natural disasters. This is especially true when it comes to the formidable force of hurricanes — the uninvited guests who always overstay their welcome.

That said, over the years, I’ve learned that there are plenty of ways to prepare for a pending catastrophe.

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You could stock up on groceries and board up your windows, or, you can try out this Mexican mom’s approach. TikTok user @iselanavarrete50 posted a video of her mom giving their patio furniture a good wash during a hurricane.

The heartwarming and hilarious viral video has acquired more than 50 million views as of this writing, and if you haven’t tuned in, you’re totally missing out. Read on for more!

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This girl’s mom went viral after she cleaned her patio furniture during a hurricane.

There’s nothing like having a Mexican mom — just ask Isela, who came outside to find her mom on a cleaning spree in the backyard while it was pouring down rain. “Sunday cleaning with my mom and Hurricane Hilary,” she wrote in the caption.

With vigor, Mom doused couch cushions with Tide and went to work. Using only a broom and her bare hands, she scrubbed that furniture clean, OK? Next, she got busy on the rug.

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Not only did her mom give their patio a major makeover, but she was resourceful too. And we stan a sustainable queen. The comment section was flooded with words of admiration for the mom in the viral video.

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“She said the sky gave us free water and I’m not wasting it. Protect her at all cost,” one commenter said, while someone else wrote, “How do I become a Mexican mom when I grow up? It's all I want.”

“I feel this is like the Mexican 'if life gives you lemons,'” another user chimed in. “Si dios te da agua tú limpias.”

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“Vamos mis amores”: Viral audio makes mom cleaning patio furniture during a hurricane even funnier.

Later, Isela reposted the video with the viral “Vamos mis amores” sound on TikTok, and even more hilarity ensued. “This audio has given more life to the Hispanic community. I love it,” one person commented.

Another wrote: “This sound just made it so much funnier.”

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And apparently, Isela’s mom isn’t the only one who’s tried this method before. In fact, there were plenty of people who could totally relate. “So every Hispanic parent? I thought is was [just mine],” a user wrote alongside a crying emoji.

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The commenters who hadn’t heard of this eco-friendly life hack until now can’t wait to test it out. One of them joked: “Not me learning how to clean my outdoor furniture in a TikTok hurricane video.”

“I used the rain to clean my balcony and front door area,” another TikTok user wrote. “I definitely understand.”

I think I can speak for all of us when I say, thanks, Isela’s mom, for giving us the perfect hack for a rainy day.

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