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Source: istock

This Woman Was so Excited for Her Job Interview She Showed up a Month Early


A woman is kicking herself in this viral tweet for showing up way too early for a job interview.

It's a great feeling to be excited about a potentially new life-changing opportunity. You get butterflies in your stomach, along with fears of possibly leaving your old way of life behind. You start to question yourself and say things like: 

"Is the jump really worth it?"

"Do I really have it so bad?"

"What if they have crappy coffee at this new place?"

While these are all valid thoughts, if you're applying for a job somewhere, chances are it's a better opportunity for you and you'd be absolutely over the moon if it panned out. So you need to do your due diligence. You run some mock interviews, you look at typical questions people have online for new employees and rehearse your answers. You go over your resume ad-nauseam and think about all of the things you're going to discuss.

You conscientiously prepare your outfit and you make sure you're prepared to make that interview on time. In the case of Laura Maclean, however, she might've been a little too prepared.

Because she showed up for her interview a month in advance.