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Source: iStock Photo

Woman Wants to Abandon Mom Whose Church Is Trying to "Reclaim the Swastika"


With age, you start to recognize the ways in which your parents and other adults older than you are flawed. You realize the people whose word you used to trust completely because they were older and obviously knew better don't necessarily know better than you. And this Reddit post exemplifies that idea to a T. 

A 25-year-old woman took to the Relationship_Advice subreddit to explain the situation with her mother. "My mom has been part of a church group for years," she explains. "Recently they started a campaign called 'take back the swastika.' Which is basically what it sounds like. Their goal is to basically associate the swastika with their church group charity so people stop associating it with something bad. I think this is ridiculously naive." Obviously, she is right, and this is appalling. But it gets worse.