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The Way This Mom Hinted She Wanted a Mother's Day Dedication Post Is Hilarious



Social media has gotten to a point where it's become more of a burden than a fun way to connect with new people and stay in touch with family and loved ones.

Got engaged? Make sure you snap a photo of the rock and have something pretty in the background, even if portrait mode is going to blur it out. On vacation? Take a cute photo of you holding your sun hat with one hand in a field while gazing into the distance. Exercising? Make sure everyone knows bro.

The same goes for holidays and special events. I'm just going to assume everyone is wishing me a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Sad Ramadan. (I can say that; I'm Muslim, not eating blows.)

But extending that same sentiment to moms is kind of tough because it's hard to argue that anyone has a rawer deal than moms, on average. Bellies stretch and expand, hormones fluctuate like Michael Richards' temperament during a stand-up routine not going so hot, and they generally aren't appreciated.

At least not appreciated enough. I mean seriously, is there ever any way to payback another human being for carrying you inside their body, feeding you, clothing you, losing sleep over you and, greatly inconveniencing themselves at every turn for your personal betterment as they are the default individual you can (generally speaking) turn to no matter what.

The thing is, Mother's Day social tributes have become a foregone conclusion; it's expected of you to give props to Mama on the special day.

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And if you're going to pen something special for someone online, you're going to want to get the most flattering picture of them to do so. I can't count the number of times my wife got pissed off at me for uploading a photo of her that she hates, like it's somehow my fault that I think she's gorgeous in every photo she's in.

So maybe you reach out to mom and "approve" the pictures before you pen a post if you think she's got the same thing as my wife going on.

Or if you're like this guy's mom, you don't wait for him to seek your photo approval. Instead, you just go ahead and text him the pictures you expect to see in your eventual Mother's Day tribute to your marvelous self.

It's not that she doesn't look absolutely fabulous in these pictures. It's just, well, doesn't it come off a little extra to not-so-subtly tell your son you expect a post dedicated to your greatness while giving him the pictures he should use in the post?

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Ryan posted a screenshot of his mom's text to Twitter with the caption, "Who does my mom think she is? lol." Except, pretty much everyone who saw the one-sided conversation immediately thought Renata was not only well within her mom-rights to pull that card, but that she's a "baddie" for doing so.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

A ton of people also immediately started crushing on Ryan's mother, and, well, it's kind of hard to blame him. She's rocking that pixie cut like it's nobody's business and apparently, she isn't the only Mama who pulls this kind of Mother's Day tribute demand.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

This is a pretty light-hearted "mother's day demand" story, especially when compared to other horror tales on the internet. Like this one daughter whose mom just flat out asks for her mother's day present every single year. And the blunt way she goes about it is pretty crumby.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

The awkwardness generated by her mother's flat-out demand for a gift ended up ruining the holiday, and it's clear that there are a lot of issues that need to be worked between the two of them.

Source: Reddit

So while it may be considered a little strange, in a light-hearted way, for a Mom to tell her kid what photos they should upload of her on Mother's Day, it's kinda cute in a way. I don't know if the same could be said of grilling your kid for not buying you a gift. What do you think?

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