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21 Huge Movie Roles That Were Almost Played by Other Actors


It's something of a miracle when a movie doesn't turn out to be an utter disaster. With all the moving parts involved in making a motion picture, it's incredible when any movie gets completed, whether or not it fulfills the director's vision.

The magic of selecting the right behind-the-scenes team is difficult enough. Then there's casting and making sure all the actors have good chemistry. One miscast role can make the difference between a "decent" flick and an abysmal one.

In many of your favorite films, a last-minute casting decision, re-shoot, or happy accident led to an unforgettable performance we might not otherwise have seen,

1. Christian Bale: Patrick Bateman in 'American Psycho'

Source: lions gate pictures

It's hard to imagine anyone else playing this murderous, insane, and totally self-absorbed '80s head of mergers and acquisitions, but Christian Bale wasn't the front-runner for the role. Johnny Depp was first tapped for the part, but he turned it down. Then, Leonardo DiCaprio was slated to play Bateman, but his management advised against it at the last minute. Next, the role went to Ewan McGregor, riding a wave of popularity after his amazing work in Trainspotting, but Christian called Ewan and begged him not to take the role. There was even talk of casting Brad Pitt, but thankfully it ultimately fell  to Christian Bale, who knocked it out of the park.

Fun fact: Bale's stepmother once advocated to ban the sale of Bret Easton Ellis' book of the same name.