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People's Most Mundane Celebrity Encounters Are Still Pretty Exciting



Living in L.A., I have loads of stories about totally mundane celebrity encounters. I saw Sam Rockwell order coffee and gab with friends once. I checked out at Trader Joe's right behind Tony Hale and his family. I watched Jumanji (the new one) in a movie theater with Angelina Jolie and all of her children and also two of her bodyguards.

Plenty of people have stories just like these, and Twitter user @MaveofHonor decided they wanted to hear them. They kicked off the thread with their own story, and soon, thousands of others chimed in. Here are some of our favorites.

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Seeing Diane Keaton in the Gap is so special. I bet she was there to buy a blazer. Diane Keaton was a very popular answer in this thread. Even other celebrities had stories about running into (or almost over) Diane Keaton in public. 

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Yes, that's Jane Lynch from Glee and all those Christopher Guest movies. She almost ran over Diane Keaton in a parking lot, and while I'm very glad she didn't, could you imagine that headline? "Fellow Actor Jane Lynch Tries to Off Legend Diane Keaton in L.A. Parking Lot." 

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What do you even do when you meet Robert DeNiro off the beaten path in an alleyway somewhere? I would probably just freeze. He's one of those stars that's so famous that you would doubt it was really him. 

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Timothy Simons is an actor himself (VEEP), so that had to be so weird for him. Unless, I guess, he was working at Target at the time. But it seems like he wasn't. It seems like Jodie Foster just looked at him and thought, "This guy knows where the Nintendo DSes are."

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I love this story so much. I love it so much I would like to see it as a short film. I would watch it as a play. I want to inject this story into my veins. It's perfect in every single way. 

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Wow, this story has so many ups and downs, and yes, it is because it's about a roller coaster. I don't know about this person, but knowing I was on a roller coaster with Alanis Morissette would calm me down immensely. I'd think, "There's no way anything could go wrong. Alanis Morissette is here!"

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Listen, I was not really a fan of One Direction or anything, but Harry Styles is majestic and I think my heart would leap out of my chest if I saw him in person. I would offer to buy him all the vegan donuts. 

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I love this, mostly because now I know that Jason Bateman is one of those creeps who stands stoically at concerts. He's Michael Bluth in real life, isn't he?

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What a guy! I think Danny DeVito is among the best people there are in Hollywood. Not only is he very talented and hilarious, he's also, from what I heard, one of the nicest people. Love him. 

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This might be simultaneously the most mundane and the most distressing story of the bunch. Riding elevators with strangers can be so awkward, and 20 floors! With Gwyneth Paltrow! I cringe just thinking about it. 

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This is the nicest. Adam Sandler seems like a genuinely down-to-earth guy. And in 1996, he was already a huge movie star! That's the year Happy Gilmore came out. 

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Can you imagine thinking you're about to have a regular day at the gym and then it turns into a free, personal Seal concert?! What a tale. Also the fact that he sang the entire song while running on a treadmill is making me out of breath, and I'm just sitting here.

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That's hilarious. Arnold is quite a character. I always knew him as a tough, bodybuilder guy, but between this story and his quarantine videos of him and his donkey, I've learned that this guy is just a big goofball.

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This is incredible! What foresight to get a pic with the future President of the United States. Once he won the election, I'm sure it became much harder to stop him on the sidewalk and ask for a selfie.

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I'm glad to hear that Ben Affleck is friendly in real life and that he takes his kids to cat cafés. Also, I don't think I will ever get over that guy whispering "Cat Man" under his breath in the presence of Batman. Incredible.

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