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Museum Challenges Bored Curators to Share the Creepiest Objects from Their Collections



I've lost track of exactly how long we've all been stuck inside, but it's been a while, and there are only so many good shows on Netflix. Understandably, the Internet has started to get a little bored and has come up with some interesting concepts to keep us entertained, including the "dadosaur."

But none of them have been quite as creepy as one museum's challenge to fellow curators. The Yorkshire Museum in the United Kingdom recently took to Twitter to ask museums to share the creepiest things in their collections, and they didn't disappoint.

The Yorkshire Museum started their thread with a weave that's older than most countries.

National Museums Scotland shared this monstrosity, which is supposed to be a mermaid.

Unfortunately for us, they have more than one of these things.

Egham Museum has a collection of dolls that put most horror movies to shame.

The Victorians were crazy.




The Royal Armouries shared this horrifying mask used for public humiliation.

"This severed lower leg by Kerry Jameson has sprouted its own legs and a rather beastly head," the York Art Gallery explains.

Why does it look so evil?!

Thankfully no one is walking around in one of these plague masks nowadays.

Imagine finding a mummified cat underneath your floorboards.

Why would anyone make this thing?

The rocks have eyes.


This one is straight out of a horror movie.

Halloween costumes used to be a lot more terrifying.

Nightmare fuel.

"Can I offer 'Tirpitz' here?" the Imperial War Museums asked. "Saved from drowning after her German ship sunk the South Pacific, served as a mascot on HMS Glasgow for the rest of the FWW, eventually auctioned off for pork (raising £1,785 for charity) in retirement. No wonder she looks like she's seen things."

Japan was just as creepy as everyone else.

If there's one thing we won't miss during the rest of quarantine, it's these creepy objects.

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