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Post-Quarantine Memes That Perfectly Sum up Reunions With Our BFFs



It's insane how quickly things have changed since the coronavirus pandemic emerged. One week you're socializing with your friends and the next, you're stuck in self-quarantine, indulging in tons of snacks as you scroll endlessly through social media. 

For the time being, virtual hangouts have taken the place of quality time in person, which definitely helps when it comes to fighting isolation. But if we're being honest, it's just not the same as having the freedom to actually meet your close friends outdoors. It's why so many are counting down the days until they can finally meet their friends after quarantine. We'd say that these memes accurately depict how most of those reunions will go.

The plague jokes are definitely coming.

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This one's tricky, considering that people can still technically see each other through video calls. Either way, we're willing to bet that you'll hear this line at least once when you see your friends again. 

This 'when you meet your friends after quarantine' meme is too relatable.

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To be fair, it's hard to resist sitting through hours of Netflix while eating those quarantine snacks (who isn't guilty of this?). But on the bright side, it's not too late to take advantage of those home workout tutorials.

This time, having plans will actually be cause for celebration.

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Now you've got no excuses. No more staying in bed and pretending that you're not well because you don't feel like going out with your friends. If this quarantine has done anything, it's given people more than enough time to recharge.

Nala and Simba are basically all of us with our BFFs in the future.

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Remember that scene in The Lion King, where Nala reunited with Simba and discovered that it was really him? That will be countless pairs of BFFs across the nation after this quarantine ends.

There just might be a dance party.

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For the record, we're totally not judging if you feel happy enough to start dancing. After all, it's been weeks since you last saw your squad. Why not celebrate?

The excitement levels will be unmatched.

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Being forced to stay away from your closest friends for an extended period of time will probably (no, definitely) bring out your inner child. These guys get it.

It'll be a while before you hear the words "I'm not free."

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Once this coronavirus scare is all over, everyone will be excited (or begging, rather) for an outdoor adventure. Time to start planning for future outings!

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It truly does feel like it's been forever since this quarantine began. It's why everyone is so impatient to see their friends again, but here's hoping we don't turn into skeletons before that happens... 

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