Nathan Webb Opens up About His Divorce in the 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 2 Finale

Nathan from 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 2 opened up in the finale about his divorce and the ramifications. But who was his wife?

Kori Williams - Author

Jul. 1 2021, Published 7:31 p.m. ET

Now that the second season of Too Hot to Handle has come to an end, fans are scrambling to learn every detail they can about their fave cast members. The cast is currently back home and keeping the relationships that happened under wraps as best as they can. Although we know who left the show partnered up, we're still trying to unravel what happened next.

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One of the stars of the second season, a Texas transplant from Britain named Nathan Webb, is getting all kinds of attention, especially following his emotional story in the season finale. Most fans didn't know that Nathan was divorced, which makes a lot of sense. The reality TV star hasn't been open about his ex-wife before.

Who was Nathan's ex-wife?

Upon entering the show, we knew that Nathan, of course, could not be married at the time. In fact, the cast has said that they aren't allowed to be in a relationship at all in order to be on the show. Even though he was single before he joined Too Hot to Handle, he was in a serious relationship beforehand, one that he spoke about in the Season 2 finale. And it sounds like what happened really changed him as a person.

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One final workshop saw the contestants shed their damaging traits — and Nathan's were tied to his ex. "So I've gone with 'guilt,' 'betrayal,' and the fact that I can be very insensitive sometimes. You know, for years, I've lived with so much guilt that I could've done things so much better," he said. "Because I was betrayed, I went on this crusade against women. You know, 'You broke me, I'm gonna go out and break you.' Which, I just, you know, I can't live like that anymore."

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"I can only look now to the future and hopefully build a stronger relationship with someone new," he concluded.

In his confessional, he went on to say, "Never did I think that I would be opening up about my own struggles, about my marriage failing, about heartbreak and hurt and disloyalty. So I've come so far now."

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Who was the woman who broke Nathan's heart? The only record of a relationship was with a woman named Ashley Pursell from Arkansas, where Nathan used to live. According to Ashley's social media, the two got engaged in January of 2015, and they wed later that year.

There is a divorce record for a couple by the name of Nathan K. Webb (Too Hot to Handle's Nathan has a middle name starting with a K) and an Ashley Webb in Arkansas, which was filed in late August of 2019, but it's difficult to confirm if it is the right Webbs. If so, it would mean that they were officially divorced as of March of 2020. The record indicates that they were married in late 2015 and separated in 2018.

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Did Nathan find love again on 'Too Hot to Handle'?

In a trailer for the season, Nathan was seen kissing fellow contestant Larissa Townson. Throughout the season, the two got close — but Larissa ended up leaving the retreat. She told the Daily Mail why she left Nathan behind.

"I kind of had a moment of reflection and with Nathan falling apart I kind of realized that I learned a lot about myself and what I want, what I’m feeling with someone and my emotions and what I need," she said. "So, I felt like I learned a lot and my journey had ended, there was nothing else I was going to learn at that point."

You can watch Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle on Netflix.

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