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These Memes for National Drink Wine Day Are Festive for the Greatest Day of the Year



Attention, fellow winos and spritzer aficionados: National Drink Wine Day is coming up quickly on Tuesday, Feb. 18. And although we're painfully aware of the fact that the greatest holiday of the year is — unfortunately — falling on a weeknight this year, we're incredibly excited to celebrate nonetheless. 

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So while you're sipping from that glass (or straight from the bottle) of Pinot Noir this Tuesday, make sure to peruse these hilarious National Drink Wine Day memes. Not only are they festive AF, but they are relatable beyond belief.

Billie Porter's Grammy's hat knows where the party's at.

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Really, unless I know for a fact that there's going to be wine at this party, I don't even know if I'll be showing up.

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Honestly, what is friendship without wine?

Queen Lizzy doesn't approve of a wine-less friendship, and quite frankly, neither do I.

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How you look at wine is symbolic on your outlook on life.

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Maybe your glass is half empty, maybe it's half full. All I know is that I need more wine, STAT.

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Everyone tastes wine differently.

Maybe you're here for the hints of fruit and the acidic notes, or maybe you're here to get tipsy. Either way, we aren't judging.

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Wine = livelihood.


Does anyone know if this chalice for sale anywhere? I know a few people that would definitely be in the market for one of these babies.

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Nights in with wine are truly invaluable.

No night of debauchery is better than a night in with wine... please don't fight me on this.

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Seriously, I WILL drink to that.

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No, I wasn't joking — there's actually wine in this to-go cup.

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This is bad, but we feel for her.

Life is hard, and sometimes, wine is necessary.

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This was the iconic 'Mean Girls' line, right?

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On Wednesday's we drink [pink] wine, and if you're drinking white, you can't sit with us!

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Bring me wine and a baguette, and I'm golden.

In all honesty, is there anything better? If so, DM me.

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When in doubt: wine.

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We could all be whining to therapists during our spare time, but in reality, why not just wine in PJs for cheap?

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Here's your nightly routine.

This is truly what everyone is thinking about during that 4:30 p.m. meeting.

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This guy was onto something

Drinking wine with partner's parents: *smells, slowly sips*

Drinking wine with co-workers: *pours, chugs, repeat*

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When athletics aren't really your thing...

Maybe you didn't make Varsity Basketball or there's a chance you truly hate running... but either way, I'm sure you're a wine-drinking champ.

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TBH, this sounds like an ideal evening...

Source: Twitter

Wine, pillow fights, and T-Pain? @CaucasianJames was definitely onto something here.

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There's no denying that National Drink Wine Day is one of the greatest holidays in the world, and whether you're drinking with your boo, or if you're #ForeverAlone, we wish you the best while you sip the day away. Cheers!

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